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Discover the detailed summary of Here everything begins season 2 in advance with episode 375 broadcast on Monday, April 11, 2022 on TF1. Marta is being caught at her own game, Theo wants to set her up. Jasmine’s parents have words of indoctrination towards Naël.

The complete summary of the ITC soap opera from the episode of 04/11/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in advance, everything you need to know.

Theo makes Marta believe that he still has feelings for her.

Find the full summary ofIt all begins here episode 375 broadcast on TF1 on Monday, April 11, 2022 (see summaries before It all starts here ): the summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 08/04/2022 It is online.

Theo comes to see his trafficker, he wants to know why he is after him… he has the impression that someone has spoken to him. The man says nothing.

Anaïs surprises Axel who is making notes while listening to Claire’s lesson. He wants to try to replicate the recipe. Anaïs gives you personalized advice.

Marta asks Theo if he hasn’t smoked…because he says he’s tired. Marta explains that Charlene told her that she was thinking of going back to diving so she is worried.

Mylène and Boris take Naël in their arms: Jasmine and Greg calm down, discovering that everything is fine.
Later, Jasmine overhears her mother talking to Naël, telling her that if one day she wants her to lead a healthy life of heart, she can come to her village. Jasmine tells Mylène that she is trying to recruit her son. Jasmine asks her parents to leave her apartment.

iTC Jasmine

Jasmine’s parents caught in the act…Jasmine would rather say enough is enough

Teyssier is satisfied with the dish prepared by Théo, Marta and Charlène. They will have to form a brigade to make the dish on Easter day.

Theo apologizes to Axel for doubting him about stealing Celia. Theo asks Axel to go with him to see his drug trafficker: he thinks it is Marta who is seeking revenge. Axel does not want to take any risks, he is afraid that things will go wrong. Theo tells Axel to forget, that he has to get a little paranoid about Marta, his ex.

Celia here everything begins

Célia humiliated by Théo… but he acted for Marta

Later, Marta tells Theo that she still loves him, she is sure that they can find what they had before. Theo kisses Marta. Charlene is happy that her brother is back with Marta. Eliott and Célia see that Theo is back with his ex. Celia tells Theo that she can’t be fooled like this. Théo tells Célia that it was just a mistake and that everything about her is toxic.

Axel everything starts here

Anaïs helps Axel with a recipe

here everything starts early episode 375 of April 11, 2022: Axel is determined to cook

Constance and Emmanuel arrive home and discover the dish that Axel has prepared. Teyssier tastes, judging that the egg is overcooked and therefore not melted enough. Hollandaise sauce is an omelette… and above all it is extremely unpleasant on the palate, it is very salty. Axel doesn’t give up, he decided to remake the recipe. On the second try, the taste is better… the breadcrumbs are a bit bitter. Asparagus is passable. Teyssier says that he just averted a second catastrophe. Axel makes a third attempt…he is hyper motivated. Constance tells Emmanuel that she should help Axel… with her advice, Axel would progress faster. Emmanuel says that he doesn’t want problems with his brother Philippe.

Constance ITC

Constance and Teyssier the tasters of Axel’s plate

Célia is crying, Théo arrives to tell her that he knows that it is Marta who is harassing them. Theo says that he is pretending to be with Marta: her goal is to corner her. Théo tells Célia that she is the one he loves.

Highlights Here it all starts from Monday, April 11, 2022: what to remember

Theo I.T.C.

Théo understood when the dealer insisted that he take drugs again… someone spoke to him.

– Theo unmasked Marta, is looking for evidence
– Theo is back with Marta to catch her.
– Axel does not lose motivation in the kitchen despite the failures
– Jasmine kicks out her parents
– Théo finally believes Célia about the harassment

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