“What we discovered in Boutcha and in the region is appalling. Today is the darkest day of the entire war.”

Olga and Sasha are two Ukrainian sisters. The first is 34 years old and is a wine merchant in Paris, where she has lived for seven years. The second, 32 years old, lives in kyiv. At the beginning of the war, she moved in with her mother, her partner Viktor, their dog, and her friend Y., in a building with underground parking. To the rhythm of sirens and explosions, everyone goes back and forth between the apartment and the basement. The two sisters agreed from the beginning of the conflict to keep their logbook for SUBWAY. In France, Olga caught Covid-19. In the field, Sasha is about to return to her home. Both are shocked to discover the horrors committed by the Russian forces.

Olga and Sasha’s diary, over the weeks.

On February 24, 2022, the lives of 34-year-old Olga and 32-year-old Sasha turned into war. The oldest experiences this tragedy from France, the youngest is stranded in kyiv, Ukraine, taking refuge in an underground car park. They agreed to tell about his daily life.

tuesday march 29

Olga: I thought I had a big dice, but in fact, I have the Covid. The complete package: cough, fever, headache. I was so exhausted that the virus saw me as an excellent target! I isolate myself.

Sasha : I got up early to prepare breakfast for everyone: eggs, sausages and even (frozen) croissants. I feel good, the weather is fine. I sat on the terrace reading a book. I also listened to some podcasts. All day I heard explosions in the distance. It is said that it is our army that is holding positions as Russian troops move into the eastern and southern regions after the Istanbul negotiations. Despite everything, we are not really relieved, we do not trust the Russians. No way. Life here is going to be hard even though we no longer have any risk from heaven. Surveillance will be the word of 2022.

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Wednesday March 30

Olga: My life is like being in a roundabout. Since the beginning of the war, the weeks have been endlessly repeated. Monday, the truth is that I’m not well, I want at all costs to bring mine; I go crazy on Tuesdays, especially in the morning. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, I go up the hill, it’s quite busy. And on Sunday, I start diving again. Every week I relive the same emotions and feelings. It is quite an incredible phenomenon. And this virus that robs me of strength and energy! All day I listen to interviews with analysts, political scientists, journalists. Sounds like an anxiolytic to me. Otherwise, I think too much and I don’t want to think anymore.

Sasha : This morning, we couldn’t make ourselves any food, not even a coffee. We have no more electricity. There was an accident that was not related to military actions. The repairmen will come to the residence today. I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone, I can’t stand to see the same things everywhere. My mind needs privacy and quiet. I only have a few chats left on Telegram to get news quickly. I force myself to look at them only three times a day. I also consult The Economist, The New York Times, The Guardian and with us Ukrainska Pravda and Radio Svoboda. Also, I like Tom Cooper’s posts, he’s a military analyst. I have always been a great newspaper reader. He was part of my job as a public relations specialist. Before the war, he read a dozen newspapers every day.

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