Ary Abittan case: the director of What have we all done to the good god? loosens the tongue 4 months later

This Wednesday, April 6, what the hell did we all do? goes out to the movies The opportunity for its director, Philippe de Chauveron, to break his silence, four months after the revelation of the Ary Abittan affair.

This Wednesday, April 6, moviegoers will be able to find What the hell did we all do? in dark rooms. The opportunity to discover this third part of the saga whose premiere has been repeatedly postponed. If it was initially going to be released in theaters on October 13, 2021, Editing issues were then reported, changing its release date to February 2, 2022. Yes, but now, in the meantime, the Ary Abittan affair breaks out in the press.

Four months later, the film’s director, Philippe de Chauveron finally breaks his silence. Thus, he granted an interview to our colleagues from the Figaro in which he trusts in his way of having achieved controversy over his film : “Ary Abittan, who plays one of Verneuil’s sons-in-law, has been accused of rape. The actor will not promote: ‘He withdrew from public life to defend himself,’ argues Philippe de Chauveron, who swears he has not made ‘any cuts’ as a result of the matter,” we can read in the article Figaro.

Internet users shocked by the presence of Ary Abittan

However, and abitan would have been left out by the film crews, according to Myriam Palomba, editorial director of Public : “The production brought the actors together and everyone was invited except Ary Abittan, who was totally blacklisted from the event.” A decision that would have affected the actor, who “He was probably hoping that the people he was friends with would support him a little more.” Now let’s see if the film will attract many French people, some of whom had a hard time accepting the presence of the actor in the second part of the saga, broadcast last Sunday on TF1. In fact, many netizens have criticized Ary Abittan on Twitter.

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