EL (M) – 1/8 back | Nantes in quarters, without success for Toulouse

Thibaud Briet (HBC Nantes)

Both in danger, Nantes and Toulouse played great duels away from home. Le H knew how to play a great game to slip away in the quarterfinals (30-33), but Toulouse will have seen themselves overwhelmed in the second act and left the competition (36-30).

Then his incredible success in his landof 4 lengths, the Phoenix Toulouse Handball traveled to Portuguese lands for its return match against Benfica Lisbon. And from the beginning, the Occitans show that they do not intend to suffer the wrath of their opponent. With a Nemanja Illic firing at full speed, it was the French who went ahead (2-5, 5′). A hole that manages to go around 3 or 4 lengths during a good part of the first act, despite the goals of petar djordjic. But as the end of the half approached, Toulouse lost a few balls while failing to capitalize on their opponents’ mistakes. The sanction is immediate: he concedes a 4-0 win that restarts the match (10-13, 20′; 14-13, 26′). the entrance toAyoub Abdi he restarted the machine but, in a very badly managed last minute, his teammates lost two balls and conceded 2 goals, one of them in the empty goal at the buzzer (17-15, 30′).

Erik Balanciaga and Erwin Feutchmann, Toulouse (credits: @fspezialephotographie)

A frustrating but logical setback

The second act will not restart better, and the French defense is permanently trapped by a Roger Moraes too easy to find. With a released Portuguese attack, and a more approximate Toulouse in the shot, the local advantage grew in a very worrying way (25-19, 40 ‘), causing Danijel Andjelkovic to take time out. The latter will revive his men, who reinforce his defense. Fairer in attack, and taking advantage of Borges’s exclusion, the Fénix managed to get back to -3 with a goal fromErwin Feutchman in the empty cage (28-25, 49′). Add to that, Lazar Kukic, a true offensive poison, comes out after a light kick to the leg. However, the return of the loss of French balls will be perfectly used by the locals who come back in a jiffy (31-25, 52 ‘). But in the time of the money, the French will lose too many opportunities to aspire to qualification. Sergey Hernandez He is on all the balls and in a great save by Feutchman from 6 meters, he sends Djordjic to seal the fate of his rivals (33-26, 56′). The Phoenix grows until the last moments in a comeback but for his last penalty, his captain misses, as a symbol, the Benfica goalkeeper. Chema Rodríguez’s men logically win by 6 lengths and advance to the quarterfinals (36-30).

Hans Lindberg (Berlin)

Nantes strong in Germany

For Nantes, the trip to Berlin promises to be just as dangerous, and the French have no only a very small unit in advance. Like Toulouse, the H got off to a perfect start and, buoyed by a good Theo Monar, takes a first lead (4-7, 10 ‘). However, despite a good emilio nielsen (8 stops in the first act), Hans Lindberg and his people return to the meeting. The Berlin full-backs are precise and inflict a 5-1 on the Violets (7-9, 17′; 12-10, 25′). A final goal from Baptiste Damatrin, however, allows the visitors to return to the locker room just one unit behind (15-14). At rest, everything remains to be done.

Thibaud Briet (HBC Nantes)

Crucial Minne and Monar in the fourth quarter

Back on the floor, the H has a hard time getting back and is forced to run after. And with a quarter of an hour to go, his rivals are 3 points ahead (25-22, 45 ′). This is when the defense of the French will be more impressive, and ball recoveries will allow easy goals. Aymeric memory and Théo Monar celebrates and Berlin takes a 7-1 (26-29, 52 ‘). Much of the work is done, and Alberto Entrerrios’s men manage to prevent their rival from falling back less than a length. Kirill Lazarov He closes the game with his 5th goal, and sends his team to the quarterfinals (30-33). Then having eliminated Montpellier in the quarter-finals last season and went up until the endFüsche Berlin lost in the round of 16 and left Nantes to face the winner of Magdeburg-Sporting Lisboa in the quarterfinals.

Antonio Piolat

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