Gabriel Attal “calls on the French to go to the polls, regardless of the candidate” they will vote for

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5:48 p.m. : Keep in mind that, according to this survey, 72% of French respondents are sure that they will vote in the first round. This is clearly above previous waves of the barometer, which in recent days put the turnout at 70% and below.

5:47 p.m. : To find out voting intentions four days before the first round with the franceinfo survey and Le Parisien-Today in France produced by Ipsos-Sopra Steria. According to this survey, Emmanuel Macron collects 27% of voting intentions (margin of error ± 2.8 points) and is only ahead of Marine Le Pen by five points (22%, margin of error ± 2.6 points) . Jean-Luc Mélenchon gains half a point and is now at 17% (margin of error ± 2.4 points).


5:30 p.m. : Four days before the first round of voting, teachers are trying to discuss political news with their students. But these sometimes get lost or are not very interested in the subject. “Compared to other campaigns, I have fewer questions than usual. In 2017, there were many more questions and there were more in their conversations than this year”Marie, a teacher at a college in Seine-Saint-Denis, tells franceinfo.

4:56 p.m. : Emmanuel Macron wanted to send a video message to the inhabitants of the overseas territories to remind them of the place that the overseas territories occupy in his project for France. Videos for residents of Mayotte, Réunion, Martinique, Polynesia, Guyana, New Caledonia, Wallis-and-Futuna, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and Saint-Barthélémy are available at this link Youtube.

3:46 p.m. : Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo will vote on Sunday at 8:30 am at the polling station at 3 rue Corbon, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, France Télévisions has learned from her campaign team.

3:49 p.m. : In case of qualifying for the second round of the presidential elections, Marine Le Pen will hold a meeting next Thursday in Avignon (Vaucluse), the RN candidate’s campaign team announced to France Télévisions, confirming information from BFMTV. The candidate will hold another the following Sunday, April 21, in Arras (Pas-de-Calais), added her campaign team.

2:54 p.m. : “I call on the French to go to the polls on April 10 and 24, because it is an important and important election.”

“What is being attacked in Ukraine is democracy, it is the right of peoples to self-determination and to elect their representatives”underlined Gabriel Attal during a press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers. “We are fortunate in France to live in a democracy, in order to elect our representatives, we must make this right come alive”, he added. Therefore, he asks the French to participate in the presidential elections, “regardless of the candidate” that they will vote

2:09 p.m. : Insecurity is a theme systematically mentioned in every presidential campaign. But for historian Lucile Peytavin, we forget the real cause: manly behavior. Watch his interview for Brut.

11:58 a.m. : Good morning @David71, you’re not the only one (I worry myself, like so many others), and the problems of sending professions of faith have become a real sea snake with each election. However, if you are waiting for these precious sesame to make your choice, you should know that professions of faith are available online.

11:56 : We still haven’t received the programs in the mailboxes, it’s not normal 5 days after the 1st return, is it normal?

11:25 a.m. : Many of you got impatient in the comments, HERE IT IS: our reporte about meeting Jean-Luc Mélenchon in 12 places (in person in Lille and in hologram in 11 other cities). The tribune wanted to give hope to his troops, even giving an appointment “probably at the Charléty stadium”in Paris, during the interval between rounds, in case of qualification. Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Lille (Nord), on April 5, 2022, during his meeting broadcast by hologram in eleven other cities.  (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP)(EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP)

09h31 : 🗣 Taxes ➡️ “I want to lower taxes. I also propose 2 times more tax cuts than Emmanuel Macron because I propose twice as many bold reforms”, says Valérie Pécresse, who wants a “minimum old age of 1000”.

09h31 : Who are the French who will pay more taxes with Valérie Pécresse? “I want to lower taxes. I also propose twice as many tax cuts as Emmanuel Macron because I propose twice as many bold reforms,” assures the LR candidate on franceinfo.

09h21 : Finally, have the closures made it possible to thwart Islamist attacks, dismantle a network or arrest terrorists? In Lunel (Hérault), affected by a wave of departures to Syria in 2014, some of the jihadists had attended the city mosque well. But a first turning point came after the 2015 attacks. “Mosques are in the eye of the storm in France, that’s why jihadists avoid them”emphasizes Farhad Khosrokhavar, director of the Radicalization Observatory at the House of Human Sciences.

09h17 : But the administrative procedures to close mosques are regularly denounced by those who suffer from them. They are mainly based on “white notes” from the intelligence services, various judicial sources inform franceinfo. Are, “neither signed nor dated”and North‘they do not always have the legal and factual rigor on which all evidence must be based’, estimated in 2018 the UN special rapporteur on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the fight against terrorism.

9:15 a.m. : Of the 2,623 mosques and prayer halls established in the national territory, almost “90 were suspected of separatism” in early 2021, according to the Ministry of the Interior. After a series of checks, 36 remained open because “The law of the Republic was respected there”22 were closed and 31 “are subject to further investigation”.

09h12 : The closure of certain places of worship was one of the main axes chosen by the outgoing president to “combat jihadist ideology”. Five years later, what happens? Franceinfo has investigated this issueon the eve of the presidential elections. Three of the mosques that have been closed, at least temporarily, in France in recent years.  (FRANCEINFO)(FRANCEINFO)

08h45 : “In the first round we chose, in the second we eliminated.” Although only 8% is attributed to her in the polls, the LR candidate asks the French not to resort to the “useful vote” in the first round. “Vote for a government right”she says.

08h42 : Valérie Pécresse is the guest of the “Presidential Mornings” of franceinfo. listen to her here.

08h34 “We are calling to vote for the NPA because the more to the left, the more radical it is, the more we say that we have to fight, the more it can regain confidence and we hope to have that utility. 🗨 @PhilippePoutou NPA Candidate #presidential2022▶ #Les4V @Caroline_Roux

08h54 : The presidential candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party, Philippe Poutou, was the guest of the “4 Truths” of France 2. While Jean-Luc Mélenchon asks for a “useful vote” in his favor (although he rejects the expression), he calls him to “vote NPA because the more to the left, the more radical”. Since this choice seems “fairy”also hopes that the left parties can discuss, then, to “Reconstructing a Fighting Left”.

08h13 : As expected, four days before the first round, the presidential election is present in one of your newspapers. The Figaro examines the candidate programs, while 20 minutes interested in youth participation.

08h03 : Assisted suicide, euthanasia, deep sedation… What do the presidential candidates propose? end of life theme ? While the six candidates on the left are in favor of a new law that establishes assisted suicide, those on the right advocate a better application of the existing texts. The left candidates ask for a new law that introduces assisted suicide.  On the right, we are calling for a better application of existing end-of-life texts.  (JESSICA KOMGUEN / FRANCEINFO)(JESSICA KOMGUEN / FRANCEINFO)

07h46 : Good morning @philip, my colleague Clément Parrot was last night in Trappes, in one of the 11 cities where the hologram of Jean-Luc Mélenchon was projected, who was at a meeting in Lille in person. His work will be available on our site this morning.

06h38 : Hi, I can’t find an article about Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s meeting last night. Thanks for enlightening me. Have a nice day

06h29 : We immediately take stock of the current news:

The socialist Anne Hidalgo, the environmentalist Yannick Jadot, the LR candidate Valérie Pécresse, the NPA candidate Philippe Poutou and the Reconquista candidate! Eric Zemmour participated in the program “Elysée 2022”, last night on France 2. Find our decryption of six of his claims.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has addressed the UN Security Council following the discovery of massacres attributed to Russian forces in Boucha. We must remove Russia’s veto power.he demanded. This is what you should remember from yesterday.

• The prosecutor of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) assured during a press conference that “It does not emerge from the testimonies collected so far that the aggression was committed for discriminatory reasons.” This is what we know about this tragedy..

Food “insufficient”financial documents “insincere”budget surpluses in public appropriations… The research report on Orpea highlights serious dysfunctions within Ehpad’s private group, already implicated in the book the gravediggers.

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