Horizon Forbidden West: A hidden feature in patch 1.09 makes a difference!

news council Horizon Forbidden West: A hidden feature in patch 1.09 makes a difference!

Update 1.09 brought some changes to Horizon: Forbidden West, most of them cosmetic, but it seems that one new and very useful feature has slipped under the radar. We explain what it consists of, and why this new option will change your life.

A vast world that does not lack resources

The world of GAIA has expanded into the Forbidden West with Horizon: Forbidden Westand Aloy’s journey to secure the future of the earth has allowed her to discover never-before-seen machines, tribes, and places.. From Couards to Île aux Aiguilles via Les Morisables, the fire-haired heroine is already far from the Sacred Lands of the Noras that we discover in Horizon: Zero Dawn. During his trip, Aloy had the opportunity to explore various environments, such as the arid desert of No Man’s Land, the incredible gardens of Melopée, and even the snowy peaks of the Rempart, each area contains its share of enemies, secrets, and collectibles.

By default, Horizon: Forbidden West invites you to get lost in this vast world and find your way only through your instincts. promoting a slower and above all deeper exploration of the world around you. You can then choose to follow prepared paths to reach your goals more quickly, or face the unknown by immersing yourself in the many ruins and forests available to you. Along the way, you will meet the machines that reclaimed the lands of GAIA after the fall of the Ancients, but above all in many resources intended to help you in your quest to save the planet. you won’t miss ground barsfrom stones or of medicinal berries to craft arrows, distract enemies, or heal yourself. but sometimes the recovery process can be long. Even if it’s not really a problem when you discover the game, you may change your mind after forty hours of play…

Fortunately, there is now a feature that can make it easier to collect resources! We explain:

The hidden feature of update 1.09

Recently, Horizon: Forbidden West was entitled to a new update to fix some crashes, flickers, and most importantly, a persistent bug that prevented players from completing the notebook to 100%for which you can find the full patch notes right here. However, it appears that the patch notes left out a potentially life-changing change for resource collectors: the ability to disable animations related to item retrieval. Now if you go to the settings and scroll down to the bottom of the tab generalyou will see a new option:

Horizon Forbidden West: A hidden feature in patch 1.09 makes a difference!

Between Weapon Wheel Slow and automatic guide wingYou can choose whether or not to activate the Get animations. If you disable this option, Aloy will no longer crouch down to pick up the various resources she finds in the wild, including underwater and on the back of a mount.. Please note that this feature does not affect only objects that do not require the associated button to be pressed, so you’ll still need to crouch down to pick up machine components, open supply depots, and skin animals you’ve slaughtered. But for everything else, just press TRIANGLE going to refuel, Which could make all the difference if you run out of Medicine Berries in the middle of a fight against a Thornthorn!

Say goodbye to squats! Aloy will have to find another way to develop her quads.

Horizon Forbidden West: A hidden feature in patch 1.09 makes a difference!Horizon Forbidden West: A hidden feature in patch 1.09 makes a difference!

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