How Jonathan Cohen and Vincent Macaigne found themselves glued to each other

Two political rivals who are “in the glue”. This is the purpose, literally and figuratively, ofAt the same time from benoit delepine and Gustavo Kervern, a biting comedy that puts the expression “party member” in a very special light. An uninhibited right-wing mayor ( jonathan cohenhilarious as a rogue shark) and a soft-spoken leftist ( Vincent Macaignesquirming into a cartoon goofball) find themselves glued to each other, unable to get off the ground, in embarrassing circumstances that they will let you find out.

“The idea came to us from an anarchist friend who glued the locks on banks, explains Gustave Kerven to 20 minutes. Let’s see if the decline with political rivals could last the length of a feature film…” Well, yes! The duo’s cheerful school spirit shines through in a fantasy featuring François Damiens, Yolande Moreau, India Hair, Lætitia Dosch, Anna Mouglalis, Jehnny Beth and dolly (the presenter in Greenland) make appearances.

glue men

“Of course, the concept is exploited in a crazy way in our film, but it is really possible to hit people,” confides Benoît Delépine to 20 minutes. We were told of a story in Guyana where a jealous husband forced her wife to cover her hand with glue and then grab her lover’s balls. The couple of mayors are also tied in a very embarrassing position, forcing them to find a solution to separate without undermining their dignity or physical integrity. Enough to offer a delirious selection of burlesque moments and a feminist message where men take it for its number of militant followers of the seccotine.

“Benoît and I have a past as street clowns,” says Gustave Kervern. We found it very helpful to develop the harness that strapped our actors into that ridiculous walk. “Despite the awkwardness of their position, Vincent Macaigne and Jonathan Cohen took the crease to the point where their two belts soon intertwined to move them forward at the same pace. “They were so interested that Jonathan asked for a hair from Gustave’s buttocks to be glued to his anatomy to get the sensation of touching his partner’s body,” says Benoît Delépine.

The good humor that emanates from Eat the same time is very healthy in this electoral period. “We wanted to talk about politics in a playful way and with a focus on women and their struggles,” says Gustave Kervern. We voted enthusiastically for her bratty humor.

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