Lanta – “She deserves her place in the Koh-Lanta Pantheon”, “She is the cursed totem”: the tweets stunned by Stephanie’s fate in the game

“Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem” returned this Tuesday, April 5, 2022 on TF1. The opportunity to witness the reinstatement of an emblematic candidate recently eliminated: Stéphanie, a former member of the yellow team. A return that did not go unnoticed on twitter: the croupier did not return alone, since she was accompanied by her mythical bad luck during the tests. What causes amazement and laughter on twitter.

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After two weeks of absence due to the issuance of the France-South Africa football match, Koh Lanta made his big return this Tuesday, April 5, 2022 on TF1. On March 22, the episode ended on stephanie’s departure, the Parisian croupier of the yellow team. But this departure was, in fact, only temporary… Due to a medical problem, Juan Felipe I had to resolve to leave the adventure. As required by the show’s rules, he was later replaced by the last candidate eliminated, in this case Stephanie. News that didn’t seem to delight his new red comrades much, including francois, Pauline, or even Maxime. No matter, the candidate was determined to make her place in her new camp. Even if that means giving him credit that didn’t really belong to him…

While she had gone looking for food with Montpellier firefighter François, the latter found sugar cane. Happy with this discovery, Stéphanie hastened to inform the other adventurers, preventing (willingly or not) François from reaping the laurels. Result: some of her comrades believed that she was at the origin of the discovery, which she did not particularly seek to deny. The ex-yellow then continued his “integration operation in the midst of the reds” by managing to make fire with a fire stone. Even if it means annoying Maxime a bit, who visibly felt dispossessed of this task…

In her defence, the newly (re)arrived candidate couldn’t really show what she was capable of in the tests… the comfort test, the croupier took out the black ball that prevented him from playing the game with the other members of his team. In fact, the reds were outnumbered by the yellows. A blow for which he had already had the misfortune of being excluded from several events after this same draw.

At the time of the immunity test, Stéphanie had decided to believe her luck: “We are 17 years old, I was born on the 17th, so today everything smiles at me. I take out my cue ball,” she said. Denis Brogniartsure that fate would finally save her. However, she is still the one who shot the black ball, once again ruling it out of the test. In total, the unlucky croupier has drawn the black ball five times since the beginning of the adventure… “I have no words left”, Denis Brogniart commented then, in a state of shock. On twitter, astonishment at this unlikely scenario was also in order. But also the laughs…

Far from reveling in the role of victim, the candidate who has more than one ace up her sleeve even took advantage of this misadventure to negotiate her ransom with the girls on her team. Among other arguments, she advanced that she was in better physical shape than the others, thanks to the fact that she did not participate in the tests. Sheer genius, which sadly wasn’t enough for her. Stéphanie was eliminated after further advice. However, she hasn’t lost everything: tweets have given her the title of “unluckiest candidate” in the history of the game.

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