Large Families – “What is this mania of belittling her husband?”, “She wears panties”: Audrey Boibessot’s behavior against Hervé annoys netizens

Audrey and Hervé Boibessot in Large Families, life in XXL. screenshot tf1

This Wednesday, April 6, a new number of “Large Families, Life in XXL” was broadcast on TF1. Viewers found the Boibessot family a few days before the opening of their hair salon. And if the whole clan has redoubled efforts to make everything perfect, Internet users have pointed the finger at Audrey’s too “authoritarian” side against her husband.

This is one of the quotes that viewers look forward to. Every day at 5:30 p.m., the French find the daily life of the most famous large families on the small screen. By dint of following them, fans of the program, entitled “Large families, life in XXL“, fell in love with these twelve families with big hearts. This Tuesday, April 5, it was the turn of the Provenchere family to be featured throughout a new episode. The 36-year-old mother alone cares for her four children, including 9-month-old triplets. And because of this single mom experienced a terrible tragedy. Two months into her second pregnancy, her husband and father of her children died while working as a firefighter. Letitia’s story It shocked the web and viewers were delighted to discover the arrival of this courageous family to the show.

Discover the beautiful announcement of this famous mother of Large Families:

The return of the Boibessot family

If this Wednesday, April 6, it was time for the big farewell for Laëtitia Provenchère, a completely different family was also put in the spotlight during the evening. The Boibessot clan was back and the pressure mounted a few days before the opening of the couple’s boutique. Audrey and Hervé are the parents of six children, Mayeul, 8, Camille, 6, Ebbane, 5, Pia, 3.5, Foucauld, 2.5, and Hildegarde, 1. old scheduled for June. Suffice it to say that a lot of organization is needed to manage this whole little tribe, especially since the parents have decided to set up a family project, and more specifically a barbershop, mixed with a gift shop.

“She likes to belittle her husband”

This couple living in Mazères in Occitanie have busy days and had to redouble their efforts to make sure everything was perfect before D-Day. Audrey and Hervé then asked their children to help clean drawers and furniture. . And one detail did not stop questioning Internet users. As the parents of six children spoke on camera, Audrey showed an “authoritarian” side that upset netizens. While some are convinced that the mother “wears the panties”, others have pointed out that she “despises her husband” in front of the cameras. A behavior reminiscent of that of another participant of “Large Families, Life in XXL”, Amandine Pellissard, according to the Twittos.

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