Lille: “the biggest mess of the 21st century”… Ben Arfa attacked by his former agent

Back in the eye of the Lille cyclone, where he stood out with several altercations, Hatem Ben Arfa was not spared from his former agent, Frdric Guerra. For the latter, the attacking midfielder from the north represents the the biggest disaster of the 21st century .

Ben Arfa still has Lille porthole.

Hatem Ben Arfa (35) is incorrigible. Singled out for his unprofessional behavior since his debut at Olympique Lyonnais, the French attacking midfielder has probably squandered his last chance to evolve at the highest level.

In fact, the midfielder was marginalized in Lille, where he stood out after altercations with Tiago Djalo and Jocelyn Gourvennec. A reprehensible behavior that really does not surprise Frdric Guerra.

Ben Arfa wanted to hurt Gourvennec

Former representative of the French international, the businessman tried to explain this new stupidity of the native of Clamart. Hatem is a boy who has no filter between his brain and his mouth. There are people who mean everything they say, but don’t say everything they mean. Hatem, he will say what he thinks, and with force. What the press informs us, when he says that his team plays too low: it is the analysis of a footballer who may not be wrong at this moment. The former HBA agent for RMC first indicated.

However, add: Here we are not Guingamp , is necessarily wanting to hurt his coach who went through Guingamp. And it is intolerable for a locker room, a president, an institution. Still, if he made a difference like Mbappé at Paris Saint-Germain… But we’re not there at Lille, and we won’t be there with the next one. Because there will be a next one. There will always be someone who believes that Hatem is a brave person and accepts the challenge. the businessman lashed out.

F. War – The biggest football mess of the 21st century.

Before bringing the point home for good. aa psychologically molested a long time ago, in his childhood. He was the king, the king, the king. He always told him his rights but never his duties. When I got him back and his parents trusted me, he was convinced that he had a player in my possession, if we worked on his mind, that he would be a future Ballon d’Or with so much talent that he had. he will continue to be a big mess, he is perhaps the biggest mess in football in the 21st century he insisted, for the evolution of the player.

It is someone who only revolves around him, and who gives the impression of sympathy, of empathy. But this is totally false. He is a completely false boy, between the image he tries to give in public and what he really is. He is still a very endearing boy. But that he has a very individualistic functioning, which we also find on the ground. I have somewhat harsh words with him, because even though he pissed me off for four years, he is a boy I was very fond of. Actually War ended. A harsh statement but difficult to argue with.

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