Madonna unrecognizable and stunned in shocking video

A TikTok video shared by Madonna on Sunday, April 3 has her fans very concerned. With swollen lips and cheekbones, her comments skyrocketed on the networks.

It was before the Grammy Awards that the star madonna shared a TikTok video. This is a short clip of less than 15 seconds. 15 small seconds that were enough to create concern among their fans. Indeed, in this video shared by the singer on Sunday, April 3, we see her wearing a transparent top without a bra, chains with braided hair. So far nothing to worry about! Alone, impossible to get lost your extremely swollen lips as well as your cheekbones being oversized. A result that looks like the work of a filter, according to daily mail.

The video is accompanied by music where Madonna, 63 years, takes a selfie and uses a transformation filter. Although the filter is intended to enhance its features for comedic effect, the result is far from amusing for its fans. In fact, this 15 second clip has been viewed more than 8 million times on TikTok and negative reactions they were on point.

“Please go get help!”

Many comments have criticized the singer. One netizen even said that her appearance disturbed him. “What did she take? Please go get help!” another user asked. Another netizen showed his concern by asking Is she okay?“.

note that singer She is very active on social media. Also, it is not uncommon for me to post strange and sometimes even risky content. Also, the negative comments don’t seem to have shaken the star. On Monday, March 4, he was back on TikTok with a new video of his new Frozen remix where she uses a light filter.

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