Michael Kouame: The young tennis hopeful reacts after slapping his rival… and points guilty

Addicted to series about vampires and zombies, he knows everything about his favorite stars, with a slight preference for what happens on the other side of the Atlantic. If he has the warm blood of the Spanish, he still retains his very French humor and is never scared by a well-meaning play on words.

Visibly very disappointed at the end of his match, the young tennis player Michael Kouame reacted very badly. By slapping his opponent, he created quite a stir on the internet before reacting a few hours ago on his Instagram account. If he apologizes for his gesture, he openly accuses a part of the public.

The world of tennis is quite famous for its fair play and the class of its players, but lately, this is not really the image that some of them give. Among the troublemakers in the courts, we can cite benoit couplethat usually gets loose during their matches, but lately we have also seen Alexander Zverev almost hit the referee or Australian Nick Kyrgios chains blood punches. Apparently, it is not ready to stop if we look at the young generation to come, starting with the French. Michael Kouame.

Present in Ghana for a junior tournament, the 15-year-old challenger reacted particularly badly after his first-round loss. Beaten by a supposedly weaker Ghanaian player, Michael Kouame advanced to No.1 seed status and disappointment and anger visibly prevailed ever since.after shaking hands with his opponent of the day, he gave him a violent slap in the face with the other hand! A scene that caused the astonishment of the public and that was widely spread on social networks, giving a very bad image of the young Frenchman.

After this incident that occurred yesterday, the young Michael Kouame insisted on giving his explanations and apologizing for his behavior on his Instagram account. “I sincerely regret my gesture on Tuesday at the ITF tournament in Ghana (…) Unfortunately, I had a bad gesture against Raphaël (Nii Ankrah), after an extremely frustrating and difficult match for me. During the match, many people in the audience repeatedly verbally assaulted me, including insults against my mother. ; But that doesn’t excuse my behavior.”he blurts out.

I accept all consequences for my behavior from the ITF authorities

Very upset at the end of the match, Michael Kouame partly attributed his violent reaction to the attitude of the people in the audience. Despite everything, he ends up apologizing to his adversary. “I was wrong and my action was completely unacceptable. I accept all consequences for my behavior from the ITF authorities, I will use this time to see how I can better handle these kinds of situations in the future, in a way that reflects my true personality”conclude your message.

After the bloodshed, Michael Kouame decided to apologize to his opponent, not forgetting to send a good entrance to a part of the public.

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