Orange turns green in its new fiber box launched on April 7

Orange is the new green! Great start for the new Livebox 6 from Orange. Revealed to the press yesterday at a conference in the metaverse (but also face-to-face), the operator’s new fiber box aims to be more efficient and more ecological. Wifi 6E and scalable, it is also “capable of responding to social transformations”, according to Fabienne Dulac, deputy general manager and general manager of Orange France. Livebox 6 is available from this Thursday, April 7.

Inspired by the pandemic

He learned about the Covid-19, the Livebox 6, which Orange launches this Thursday, April 7. “This fiber box was inspired by our teams who, during the first lockdown, were working remotely and needed Wi-Fi at home and maximum connectivity,” says Fabienne Dulac, Deputy CEO and Managing Director of Orange France. .

The presentation of the new Orange Livebox 6 made in part in the metaverse. – CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN/20 MINUTES

Observation of fact: for 2 years, our internet needs at home have increased and the Livebox 6 wants to try to satisfy them. According to an OpinionWay survey for Orange, 62% of French people have intensified their use of the Internet at home during the health crisis. Even 61% of them have discovered new uses, such as video to go to work (22%), video with friends (21%), online medical appointments (21%), teleconsultation (16%) or click and collect. Many of these new uses persist, with implicitly the need for better WiFi at home.

The first WiFi 6E box

The first Wifi 6E box, the Livebox 6 offers download speeds of up to 2 Gb/s, that is, up to three times faster than Wifi 5, and up to 800 Mb/s upload. “This guarantees optimized transmission quality and extremely reliable simultaneous connections”, adds Fabienne Dulac. Obviously, this also responds to a request from the French who, for two thirds of them, believe that their Wifi could be of better quality. According to respondents, the “perfect Wi-Fi” should allow you to browse at full speed without stress (for 38% of respondents), but also have a “good connection from floor to ceiling” (35%).

Programmable to save energy

Vertical, with a screen electronic ink energy efficient, made from recycled and recyclable plastics, dressed in recycled fabric, the Livebox 6 also wants to face today’s environmental challenges. Also billed as scalable, it would be able when the time comes to adapt to 10Gb/s offerings, the “next step”, according to Fabienne Dulac.

Fabienne Dulac, Deputy CEO and CEO of Orange France, during the Livebox 6 presentation on April 6, 2022.
Fabienne Dulac, Deputy General Manager and CEO of Orange France, during the Livebox 6 presentation on April 6, 2022. – CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

At the moment, the Livebox 6 is also programmable. A good point, as it has two standby modes. The first, called “Light”, disables home connections except IP telephony. This mode would thus reduce the energy consumed by the box by 25%. Called “Deep”, the second mode “turns everything off”, according to Orange and allows energy savings of 95%. Undoubtedly the preferred one at night, this “Deep” mode, if activated for 6 hours a day from the Orange & Me application, would reduce the consumption of the Livebox 6 by 23% per month. Which is not negligible.

The Orange Livebox 6 incorporates five Ethernet ports: one at 2.5 Gb/s and four at 1 Gb/s.
The Orange Livebox 6 incorporates five Ethernet ports: one at 2.5 Gb/s and four at 1 Gb/s. – CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN/20 MINUTES

The release of Livebox 6 does not come with any changes to the operator’s current TV box. In addition to the Livebox and Livebox Up offers, Orange takes the opportunity to launch a new offer called Livebox Max. At 34.99 euros per month for the first year (then 54.99 euros), this offer includes the box, up to three Wi-Fi repeaters, an Airbox (to access mobile Internet in 4G), but also the services of a specialist for personalized customer support. installation. 54.99 euros per month is not cheap, but it is true that, according to OpinionWay, 39% of French people would be willing to pay more for a better quality subscription.

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