these embarrassing comments from the father of Johnny Hallyday towards his son

Johnny Hallyday left us in December 2017, at the age of 74 years. Carried away by lung cancer, he nevertheless remained on stage as long as possible. His fans are innumerable and many still mourn his departure. Indeed, Johnny Hallyday is a legend that will be remembered for eternity. Also, it was no surprise that the new documentary about his life johnny for johnnybe unanimous with public. This is an opportunity to return to the significant episodes in the life of the star. In particular, about puzzling episodes about his relationship with his father. Objection You may not learn if you’re a fan of Taulier, he didn’t have the opportunity to grow up surrounded by his parents’ love. However, he tried to reconnect with his father, Leon. However, the latter made hateful comments about him…

Johnny Hallyday has never hidden his injuries from his fans

The Taulier has never really hidden that he was somehow an orphan. In fact, he was born in Paris and his parents very quickly turned their backs on him. His mother to pursue a modeling career. And his father left Johnny Hallyday’s mother a few weeks after the birth of her child. Jean-Philippe Smet then grew up with his father’s sister, his aunt. And in his autobiography, as our colleagues of the magazine Publicthe famous singer He said that he always suffered from the absence of his father. The patriarch is a refuge figure for children when they grow up. AND Objection do not hide that absence tends to create wounds that sometimes become syndromes in adulthood, such as abandonment syndrome.

A syndrome that Johnny Hallyday probably suffered from. Because in the many documentaries dedicated to him, it’s always about his need for reassurance. “Not having a father marked my whole life. (…) I did not know him, except in unpleasant moments. He was alcoholic, seductive, unruly and a great artist. »said the Taulier about his father. Alternatively in his autobiography or in a interview for Sunday’s newspaper especially. However, despite all the evil he could think of the man who had abandoned him, Johnny Hallyday has tried several times to reconnect with him.

Crazy anecdotes, a shocking statement

In 1965, Johnny Hallyday was twenty years old. He will do his military service in Germany. He is contacted by his father and the latter visits him to try to reconnect with him. But it quickly turns out that this was all just a media farce. Léon Smet, the father of Johnny Hallyday, then received 500 francs to organize this family reunion in front of the press of the time. The singer was obviously very sad. “He’s only been interested in me since my success. I will never have any sympathy for that man. But he’s still my father… he’s weak, unstable, but I don’t judge him. I’m just saying that he has no rights over me since he didn’t take over his duties when I needed him. »then declared the rocker in the columns of tv magazinealways in 1965.

But despite Johnny Hallyday’s anger, the wound of his father’s absence was surely too great. So she tried to reconnect with him. This time offering him financial help. But Léon Smet ended up setting fire to the apartment that his son offered him. “I did what I could but it wasn’t always easy. I had rented an apartment from her and I get phone calls to tell me that she set it on fire. »detailed Johnny Hallyday in the press. Once again disappointed with behavior of his father, he was probably going to decide to cut all ties for good. But the coup de grâce was delivered by Léon Smet himself.

In an interview for Belgian television in 1984, Johnny Hallyday’s father had a terrible speech about his son If the public recognizes him as the father of a great star, he does not brag about his son’s success. Objection I do not hide from you that the sequel is shocking to say the least. Since he will even say that he does not care at all. “He leads his life, he has done it brilliantly, I wish him all the happiness but other than that I don’t care. »stated the father of Johnny Hallyday.

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