Alessandra Sublet stops television animation: “This time it is definitive”

Alessandra Sublet will no longer be the hostess and as she says: “This time it is final.The TF1 star, who landed in 2015, announced that he was leaving the group on the pages of Parisian. A decision that ends seven years of collaboration and especially her career as a presenter: “I take off my TV presenter costume. In TF1, they weren’t that surprised. In December, Ara Aprikian [patron des programmes de TF1, ndlr] and I had a conversation. She had told him about my desire to try new adventures. I have always counted on her support and I am attached to this chain. When I make a decision, it is because it has been carefully considered. No argument could make me change my mind.”

If she resigns from her position as television presenter, Alessandra Sublet is not going to miss it. After experimenting with comedy in Handi ganga TV movie about disability soon to air on TF1, now he wants to pursue it full time: “On set this summer, I felt a lot of things. This new challenge excited me. Then I wondered if I still got so much pleasure from a television. At 45 I can’t continue hosting if my heart beats less. I prefer to take real risks to try different projects. I have the support of father of my children who is a film producer (Clément Miserez) and Pierre-Antoine Capton with whom we launched It’s up to you. If they had told me Aless, forget it, disgust, it would have been different. On the contrary, they told me that maybe you should try it. And since I never do things halfway, I took the plunge.

Will Alessandra Sublet live up to public expectations in the acting profession? The facilitator does not put more pressure than that:”I know that they are waiting for me in turn, that there are already many talented actresses. I just think I’m believable she declares. Next, am I a good actress? It’s up to the viewers to judge. I am used to taking risks and having to prove myself. Sometimes I get a good slap. Other times it works. It won’t change my motivation to play different characters..”

Having worked for the M6 ​​group for two years, Alessandra Sublet turned to public service by joining the France Télévisions group starting in 2009. An experience during which she honed her talents as a variety show host: Music Awards, Sidaction, Telethon and above all C for you, the presenter had breathed a breath of fresh air into the group. In addition to television, Alessandra Sublet also went through the radio channel to host programs on France Inter and Europe 1. After six years of good and loyal service, the charlie and alphonse’s mother he returned to the private sector and joined the TF1 group.

Alessandra Sublet quickly established herself as a star of the channel when she landed in 2015. If Camille Combal also inherited many programs, the host was not far behind. A few weeks after her arrival, TF1 commissioned the animation for her 30th birthday. She inherited the following year from the opening show of Euro 2016. In parallel, the 45 year old host made a documentary portrait of soccer star Antoine Griezmann. As of 2018, he became the binomial of the imitator Nicolás Canteloup inside the show Canteloup C airs every night just before the bonuses. She was also a host Naked stars, mysterious duosnew musical concept and replaced Laurence Boccolini at the head of Great contest of animators.. In 2019 she was part of the jury of mask singer along with Anggun, Jarry and kev adams before announcing that it would give way to the next season. This choice now makes sense.

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