Charger specialist Anker launches highly promising 3D printer on Kickstarter


Kickstarter Rule #1: Never support a 3D printer project. No project has performed as sold, if ever delivered.
Kickstarter Rule #2: If the performance is too good to be true, it’s not.
250mm/s is 5 times the speed of an Ender 3 while it is directly the architecture of the Ender 3 here. A CoreXY might have been possible, but not with a platen that needs to move in Y and therefore support the weight of the part being printed.


BALLA BALLA all that!!! They make their first printer and imagine beating the Cador who is on their 30th printer! but of course NAIFS and KIKSTARTER and more!
you don’t have to be half a knot to swallow so much aberration!


I’m skeptical like the previous comments except I wouldn’t be as extreme… Snapmaker has released their MFP and you can buy it pretty easily and yet it’s coming off a Kickstarted base.


Yeah, finally… it only took an Apple iPhone to run Nokia, which also had a bunch of them under its belt, huh… the naive here aren’t what we think.
Afterwards I don’t know if it will be better or not, but for now they have the benefit of the doubt.


To see reality in a few months, but at least there are no names behind this project.
I think Anker does some good stuff (certainly less complex than a 3D printer).


we do not compare apple with anker!! and apple did not go through kikstarmefesse


And why not ? Apple at that time wasn’t much, eh… but it didn’t matter, it was above all an example.


Don’t underestimate Anker either, sure it’s not Apple, but it’s still a well-functioning box, now well over a billion dollars in annual turnover, with good cash reserves, little debt… And therefore the means to invest in R&D for new products.
As for going through Kickstarter, it has become a habit for some companies, not really to fund their product, but to benefit from the exposure that KS offers and the chance to trade with potential buyers. before finalizing the product, to adjust it as best as possible to expectations. Some boxes thus pass ALL of their new products through KS or equivalent, while they already have dozens of products under their belt.
Clearly we are here in such a case of “deviated” use of Kickstarter, since the goal of the campaign was set at just $50,000, so it is clearly not a goal intended to finance the development and industrialization of the product…


Given the size of their box and the money generated, do you really think Anker needs to go through Kickstarter? Stinks of comm’ gratos especially


It mostly stinks of gifts
Gifts, no. Do not forget that KS takes a 5% commission and that Anker also makes an effort on the sale price to backers (43% for the first 200, 34% for the next 2,000, 21% for the next 4,000).


So an innovative printer without any innovation is complete madness!


Why only PLA? this type of printer prints other materials (ABS, PET, etc.) without any problem.

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