Gaëlle Pietri: her uncompromising message shared with two moving images of her son Orso

With her son Orso, Gaëlle Pietri is closer to the animals. Passionate about nature, the model is based on the nature that Gaspard Ulliel loved so much.

He shared the love for animals and nature with Gaspard Ulliel.. Gaëlle Pietri sent him to his son Orso. For a few days, the ex-partner of the tragically deceased actor took his little one to a special place: the La Flèche zoo. to be closer to wild beasts animal park, the model has rented a room that overlooks an enclosure. And little Orso is in awe, as her mother lovingly revealed on her Instagram account. Gaëlle Pietri has thus published several shots of the child admiring the animals around her, behind glass, but also with a lemur on her shoulder. Anticipating the criticism that her stay in a zoo might provoke, Gaspard Ulliel’s ex-girlfriend shared a text that explains the four missions of the Arrow for the protection of animals.

And if for Gaëlle Pietri the commitment of the zoo is very important, it is because she is passionate about nature. After Gaspard Ulliel’s death, she too had come out of the silence to explain thata collection of donations in favor of the Tara Ocean Foundation association. “Gaspard was a diver, sensitive to climate problems and concerned about the protection of underwater biodiversity, he would have liked the impulse aroused by his disappearance to come out in defense of these causes that were close to his heart, explained the model. We wanted to honor her memory by contributing to the Tara Ocean Foundation.” A nice gesture that touched the fans of Gaspard Ulliel but also the Brittany-based foundation.

Gaëlle Pietri recharges batteries

“Gaspard Ulliel was a lover of the ocean and was eager to protect this unique ecosystem. His parents and loved ones wanted to pay tribute to this passion by directing the enthusiasm generated by his disappearance towards our Foundation.we could read on Tara Ocean’s website. Very touched by this initiative, the Tara Ocean Foundation and its teams thank them very warmly.” The donations collected will allow the Foundation “go further in its action and carry out new missions to better understand the ocean, make it a common responsibility and preserve it and raise awareness and educate younger generations”. As close as possible to the animals, which her former partner adored, Gaëlle Pietri recharges the batteries with her six-year-old son.

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