Presidential live: Elected, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan would appoint Didier Raoult Minister of Health


The President, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, will appoint Didier Raoult Minister of Health


Jadot straight into his boots

The environmental candidate stayed true to his line -with relative success since only 6% of the voting intentions are attributed to him- travels this Thursday morning to Saint-Brévin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique), to visit a medical-social center threatened to be submerged by the rise of the ocean. He will then join Nantes for one last “climate meeting” that promises to be modest.


Anne Hidalgo will call to “cover the extreme right” in the second round

He kicked until then in contact when he was asked about the question of a Macron-Le Pen duel in the second round. realistic in their slim chances of qualifying on Sunday night, the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo says that she will call “in any case to block the extreme right”. “It’s my compass and I’ll do it, but we’re not in the first round night yet,” she said earlier on France 2.


Objective: youth vote

The French government has joined forces with the Snapchat social network to “encourage young people” to vote on April 10 and 24, through applications based in particular on augmented reality, they announced Thursday in a joint press release. Creators with a large audience will “pass messages” to the social network’s 24.2 million monthly active users in France to encourage “younger generations” to go to the polls and explain voting issues, while pollsters predict a high level. abstention for the vote.


Yannick Jadot appeals to “the conscience of each and every one”

Ecology is him. “If you want these issues to be at the center of the next five years, you have to vote ecologist,” he boasts the EELV candidate this Thursday at France Inter. If the French do not publish an environmental bulletin, there will be no climate for the next five years. We will not defend birds and animals. »


“They knocked on my door and I knew I could vote even in jail”


Fabien Roussel renews his desire to leave NATO

The political-military coalition can no longer protect Europe and may even harm it, believes the communist candidate. “When there is peace, it will be necessary to lay the foundations for a new cooperation with the 50 member countries of this European continent (…) from the Atlantic to the Urals”, he recommends on BFMTV / RMC.


Valérie Pécresse believes in victory


“Jean-Louis Borloo was humiliated by Emmanuel Macron”, according to Pécresse

We announced it to you yesterday, the former minister Jean-Louis Borloo has decided to support Emmanuel Macron. His former colleague Valérie Pécresse addresses this rally: “the President of the Republic broke the suburban plan”, she recalls on CNews, referring to an ambitious mission entrusted by Emmanuel Macron to the former mayor of Valenciennes at the beginning of the mandate, but quickly aborted. “Jean-Louis Borloo was humiliated by Emmanuel Macron”, continues Valérie Pécresse.


Macron, “a president who gives in to the street” according to Pécresse


“We need a total purchasing power shock”, says Valérie Pécresse

The Republican candidate, a guest on CNews, also offers “a buying power scare” in the preamble to her morning interview. The number 1 concern of the French It is on the lips of all the candidates in this final stretch for the first round.


Why you might receive calls from candidates


Hidalgo wants to restore the ISF and introduce a VAT indexed to the income of the French

“There is an emergency in purchasing power, a pity that Emmanuel Macron sees it so late,” Anne Hidalgo addresses this Thursday morning on France 2. The socialist candidate plans in particular to “lower VAT to 5.5% on gasoline ” and promises “the restoration of the ISF”. “It is always the middle and working classes that pay the bill, especially on the subject of VAT, since it is applied to everyone regardless of their income. »


Marine Le Pen and the veil

“I am in favor of banning the veil absolutely everywhere, even in public spaces,” declared the candidate on Wednesday night on TF1, who had posed a few months ago with a young veiled woman during a trip, arousing ridicule of the supporters of Eric Zemmour. However, nothing contradictory, Marine Le Pen insists on RTL this Thursday: “When we make laws and make them vote, we are not fighting against the people. »


Zemmour, Le Pen and “issues they can agree on”

He refuses to consider it up front, but what would Eric Zemmour do if he was eliminated on the night of the first round? Support Marine Le Pen or keep quiet? there is the question, and shakes, of course, within ¡Reconquista!. In any case, Marine Le Pen, especially, does not want to put her opponent’s photo on her poster.


Meetings? “My problem will be choosing rather than finding,” says Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen already has a fairly precise idea, she says, of the people who will form the first government of her term if she is elected president: “people who will accompany me, either before the second round or after the second round. My problem will be to choose more than to find, ”she says on RTL, confident.

The candidate does not exclude, if elected, the participation in her government of people from the “Chevnementist left, that is, from the sovereignist left.”


Where is my polling station?


A Thursday afternoon full of encounters

The candidates launch their last forces to the campaign this Thursday night: half of them meet in all parts of France.

  • The candidate for the presidency of the EELV, Yannick Jadot, holds a meeting in Nantes at 6:00 p.m.;
  • The communist Fabien Roussel is in a meeting at the Zénith de Lille at 6:30 p.m.;
  • At this time, the RN candidate Marine Le Pen will go up to the platform of the Perpignan fairgrounds;
  • At 7:00 p.m., Valérie Pécresse, the LR candidate, will start her meeting in Lyon;
  • In Paris, the Reconquête! candidate, Eric Zemmour, will be at the Palais des Sports at 8pm;
  • At the same time, but in another city and in another environment: Philippe Poutou, the NPA candidate, will find his supporters in the Mermoz room in Toulouse.


Emmanuel Macron wants to index pensions to inflation “starting this summer”

Asked about TF1 on Wednesday night, the presidential candidate explained they want to revalue pensions over summer inflation “given the prices” that jumped due to the war in ukraine. Emmanuel Macron also promised to “maintain a shield for the price of gas and electricity” and “keep the discount at the pump” if prices continue to rise.


Matinees: ask for the program!

Let’s start at the beginning: there are many candidates to speak on the air this Thursday morning on TV and radio channels:

  • RTL welcomes Marine Le Pen at 7:35 am
  • FRANCE 2 receives Anne Hidalgo at 7:38 am
  • CNEWS welcomes Valérie Pécresse at 8:15 am
  • RFI welcomes Nathalie Arthaud at 8:19 am
  • Public Sénat receives Jean Lassalle at 8:20 am
  • RMC/BFMTV welcomes Fabien Roussel at 8:30 am


Good morning to all

And welcome to this direct! It will allow you to follow, throughout the day, the news related to the presidential elections, whose first round takes place this Sunday. Penultimate day of the campaign, this Thursday promises to be rich.

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