Taxes 2022: let’s go for the declarations campaign! These are the 7 main novelties of this year

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The 2022 income statement campaign begins this Thursday, April 7. Are there any new ones coming into force? These are the new measures that come into force.

There is the presidential campaign that is coming to an end this week before the first round. And another campaign that begins. The traditional start of the income statement is set for Thursday, April 7. Some novelties come into force this time

The revalued mileage scale

The mileage scale for personal income tax is increased by 10% in 2021. This increase takes into account the sharp increase in prices borne by employees who go to work by car. Prosecutors estimate that this impulse offers an average saving in personal income tax of 150 euros per household for the 2.5 million households that already opt for the deduction of real costs. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the best solution for you between the fixed reduction of 10% and the deduction of the actual costs.

Exempt telecommuting allowances

Like last year, due to teleworking and Covid-19, the amounts paid by employers to offset the costs of teleworking are exempt from tax, up to €2.50 per day, €55 per month and €580 per year for the year 2021.

Electric Charge Tax Credit

If you have installed a home charging station for an electric vehicle, you can claim the new dedicated tax credit. “The tax credit is equal to 75% of the amount of supply and installation costs, without exceeding €300 per recharging system,” explains the DGFIP. Go to box 72Q of the declaration.

A tax credit for a first newspaper subscription

Taxpayers who make a first subscription of at least 12 months to a political or general information press title, in paper or digital version, between May 9, 2021 and December 31, 2022, are entitled to a new credit Tax equivalent to 30% of expenses. The tax credit is granted only once for the same tax household. The amount of the subscription must be indicated on the 2042 RICI form.

A 75% reduction for so-called “Coluche” donations

For any donation to associations that help people in difficulty or that fight against domestic violence, with a maximum limit of €1,000, a tax reduction of 75% is granted.

75% reduction for donations to cults

The existing tax reduction for donations to religious associations is increased from 66% to 75% until the end of 2022. This advantage is limited to a maximum of €554 in payments, “that is, a maximum tax reduction of €416”, says the Treasury . Go to box 7UJ of the declaration.

Something new for wrestlers’ widows

If you turned 74 in 2021, are a veteran, or are the widow or widower of a veteran, you are entitled to an additional one-half share. The taxpayer must have been born before January 1, 1948. Check the box W, S or G depending on your situation.

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