Three things to remember about the McDonald’s survey

This Thursday, April 7, starting at 9:10 p.m. on France 2, Elise Lucet will present a series of cash investigation dedicated to McDonald’s. These are some conclusions of this survey.

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This Thursday, starting at 9:10 p.m. Elise Lucett introduce a new number cash investigation. This week, the investigative magazine analyzes the American firm Mc Donald’s. Known around the world, the leader in fast food has become a must-have since its inception nearly 70 years ago. cash investigation researched the recipe for such success and discovered some branding practices to attract even more customers and make even more profit.

Children, the privileged target of McDonald’s

It is not a revelation for anyone: Mc Donald’s is a magnet for children. It must be said that the American firm immediately understood the interest in attracting a young audience and quickly geared its marketing strategy towards children. “If you come to McDonald’s as a child, you will also come as an adult with your own children.“, explains Roy Bergold, advertising director of the group for several decades. With its elegant box and its gift inside, the children’s menu is a safe bet that generates millions every year for the brand. But the empire du burger also bets on new modes of communication Thus, influencers are asked to try new products or share videos of “unboxing”, a practice that consists of filming oneself opening the boxes containing the new products.

McDonald’s is not a gourmet restaurant

Still here, cash investigation somehow pushes an open door by bringing in a nutritionist to analyze the nutritional value of a McDonald’s menu. And surprise: McDonald’s is greasy! The magazine France 2 shows in particular that a hamburger sold in one of the American brand’s fast foods has an iron content lower than what an adult body needs. The reason ? The use of processed products that reduces the presence of minerals. Well, at the same time, who was still thinking of taking a nutritional cure by going to Mc Donald’s? The main thing is not to abuse.

A hamburger empire… but above all a real estate empire

This is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the investigation of cash investigation. France 2 magazine shows how Mc Donald’s has accumulated an immense treasure thanks to the franchise system. In the United States, independent franchisees account for 95% of McDonald’s restaurants. Although independent, each must pay three royalties to the US firm. One 4% to pay communication and advertising expenses, a second also 4% to be able to use the brand image and access the Mc Donald’s processing software and a third for rent. And the latter can be very salty! Set according to a percentage defined by the American firm, this royalty is equivalent to an average of… 14% of a restaurant’s turnover but can sometimes reach up to 28%! Indexed on turnover and not profit, Mc Donald’s always wins. On the other hand, for restaurateurs, the bill can be too… salty.

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