Amazon: Prices plummet for final weekend of flash sales

Good news Amazon: Prices plummet for final weekend of flash sales

Amazon continues with its spring flash sale! Even during this weekend! However, we recommend that you hurry, because it is the last! Smartphones, PC screens, LEGO, connected objects, gaming equipment, hardware and many other departments are currently on sale and at particularly deep discounts.

Amazon continues its spring operation, even this weekend! Between discounts, promotions and discounts on products related to technology, hardware, games and connected objects, you have a lot to re-equip yourself with the latest equipment. But hurry up, it’s the last weekend you can take advantage of these promotions.

Access the Spring Flash Sale on Amazon

Amazon is the tenor of the distribution world. Present in most countries in the world, this American multinational has managed to position itself at the top of large-scale global distribution.

This is due in particular to its extensive product catalog and pricing policy. In fact, Amazon is often where we find most of the things we’re looking for, and often at the best price.

Therefore, when a flash sale is organized to offer even lower prices than usual, we can say that it is clearly a golden opportunity to make great savings.

In addition to this, there are currently particularly sought after products. Whether it’s SSDs for the PS5, connected speakers from Amazon, wireless headphones, or PCs.

However, Amazon’s flash sales don’t last forever and will end soon. April 13 to be exact. Therefore, if you need to pause to think about an investment, we still recommend that you hurry, because the opportunity you are heading for may pass you by.

Access the Spring Flash Sale on Amazon

Best Amazon Spring Flash Sale Deals

As we said before, the Amazon catalog is especially extensive. And since promotions pretty much affect the entire site, you can quickly get lost. That is why we offer you the best offers of this sale.

Therefore, you will be able to save money on products that are particularly sought after at the moment.

  • The Fire TV Stick reduced to -38%! We found the best way to transform any TV into a smart TV. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a simple concept. In fact, you just plug this USB key variant directly into a display and immediately the display will treat it as a device that emits a signal. Thus, you will be able to access all the streaming platforms of the moment thanks to this medium. Disney+, Netflix, OCS, and of course Prime Video. Everything is offered for less than €25!
  • The Amazon Kindle for less than €50! Amazon’s famous e-reader is currently offered for less than €50. The latter is a reference in the field of reading lights. Indeed, with its particularly extensive catalogue, you will be able to benefit from the latest bestsellers of the moment. Likewise, the eReader itself is a great option. Between its “paper touch”, the ability to change the size of the characters, the fact that you can highlight or even manage the brightness to be able to read in any situation, the Kindle deserves its place as one of the best. readers in the market. .
  • The Echo Dot is under €30! The connected speaker that houses the Alexa voice assistant is also reduced. In an increasingly connected world, the Echo Dot speaker allows you to give voice and use your vocal organ to be able to turn the light on or off, program the washing machine, open the blinds or even record your shopping list. . By connecting more, this speaker allows you to disconnect from your smartphone and thus make your work easier. The fourth generation of Echo Dot is offered for less than €30!
  • Sony’s own recommended SSD is for sale! Offered for less than €170 in its 1TB version, it was designated by Sony engineers as the best SSD for PS5, and this, since the launch of this feature on the console. Its 7000MB/s read transfer speed allows you to ensure full immersion with PS5 games. And with your heat sink already installed, you won’t fear heat stroke or times when you’re especially stressed.
  • The new competitor to the WD_SN850 comes from Samsung and is even cheaper! We find the Samsung 980 Pro with its heat sink and above all, its data transfer speed that is well above what Sony claims. Arriving later on the market, this SSD quickly became essential! In its 1TB version, it is offered for less than €160! A more than competitive price, knowing that it is basic, it is offered at almost €379! It will be a great way to increase the memory of your PS5 and you will no longer have to erase data.
  • Do you want to choose your own heat sink? The Crucial P5+ is made for you! The latter is a Crucial SSD and has all the qualities to serve as a memory extension for your PS5. In addition to that, it is capable of offering a read speed of 6600 MB/s, which is more than enough to supercharge your PC. Because, make no mistake, you can also drastically increase the memory of your computer thanks to this SSD. Offered for only €129 in its 1TB version, we can say that this SSD will change your life!
  • €80 less for Huawei’s curved PC screen! Offered at €419, this screen will delight all those who are looking for more immersion in their games, but also more comfort in their day to day. This display has a 34-inch diagonal VA panel. Its refresh rate is 165Hz and its response time is 4ms. With its 3440x1440p resolution and HDR10 compatibility, you can enjoy your games, movies and series. Another strong point is the 1500R screen curvature that gently invites you to immerse yourself in what the Huawei MateView GT shows you!
  • 50% discount on the Logitech G203 mouse! Behind its office mouse appearance is actually a machine made for gaming. Programmable buttons, 8000 dpi, ultra sensitive mechanical main buttons, we are clearly looking at a gaming mouse. Note the presence of RGB that adds a touch of customization. This last aspect can be completely customized with Logitech’s software, G Hub. Offered as a base at almost €40, the G203 is now available for less than €20!
  • One of the best gaming headsets in the world is on sale! The Astro A50 compatible PS5, PS4 and special PC is currently available for less than €260! The latter is sold with a base that will allow you to link all the supports on which you want to use this headset. Equipped with Dolby Audio, you can enjoy it for more than 15 hours continuously with the lithium-ion battery. The latter also recharges directly on its base, allowing you to always have this helmet ready!
  • were you looking for her? Here it is ! The RTX 3070 with your 15-inch Asus PC for less than €1,400! In these lean times, it can be difficult to build a stationary PC. However, by turning to laptops, you are more likely to be able to get the configuration you want. In this 15.6-inch Asus Dash TUF F15 we specifically find an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of memory in SSD format and, of course, an RTX 3070. With this configuration you will even be able to tickle 4K! But it is especially in 1440p that you will be able to have fun with the latest games of the moment!

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