Corinne Deacon before Wales-France (2023 World Cup qualifier): “A team we take very seriously, but we’re not afraid of”

“France can qualify for the 2023 World Cup as early as April, provided it wins Wales this Friday (8:45 p.m.). Is it a final?
Yes and no. We are still five points ahead of our opponent tomorrow. (Friday). It’s up to us to negotiate this game well so that we can almost qualify for the World Cup on Saturday morning. Mathematically, we would lose one point, with three games remaining. You have to play a serious game against a good team. We still have other finals if we miss the march tomorrow afternoon, but our goal is not to miss it.

In the first leg, the Welsh could have snatched an equalizer late in the game, before the Blues took home the point (2-0, November 30 at Guingamp). Is there a little fear?
Yes, we are very, very afraid. (ironic). It is true that the first leg had been indecisive, but we had mastered our subject. When you take the opportunity to (Jessica) Fishlock, it’s a little strange how you get here. But what is interesting is what follows. What I remember is that two passes back, we managed to reverse the trend. I talked about it with the girls: in injury time or at the end of the game, there is an opportunity against, an opportunity in favor. You have to be vigilant and they handled things very well. Even if Fishlock finds the post, by heart (Pauline) Peyraud-Magnin is in the ball’s path. Behind we exploited the counterattack very well. It shows us that this team plays until the whistle blows. And there were ten at that time. It is a team that we take very seriously, but we are not afraid of them.

“We have put things so that the girls can recover”

Are you surprised by the evolution of Marie Antoinette Katoto, who currently walks on water?
From the moment an attacker scores, it means she’s good. Because of my position as a coach, fortunately I don’t have a single player on my team. At eleven against one, it would be a bit difficult to play. There is also a lot of potential around him to bring you good balls. Scoring goals is fine, but if you score one more, no. So you also need good defenders. So you’ll excuse me, but today I’m going to talk more about a homogeneous team, there are several talents in this team.

Did you have a conversation with her about her celebration dedicated to Aminata Diallo against the Netherlands, at the last rally?
There is no subject. We are focused on the Wales game.

Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto celebrate their second goal against the Netherlands during the French tournament in February.  (E. Garnier/The team)

Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto celebrate their second goal against the Netherlands during the French tournament in February. (E. Garnier/The team)

Lyonnaises and Parisiennes play many matches, especially with the Champions League. Will you manage their game time?
Fatigue, there is, but management, there will not be. We have a game to win. We have been recovering since Tuesday morning. There will be no management. We have an objective, the clubs also have theirs, but each thing in its moment. We put things in motion for the girls to recover, that was the most important thing.

“It still lacks a bit, and in particular consistency”

Grace Geyoro has become increasingly important with Les Bleues. Does its performance meet your expectations?
He had a good evolution, I think he can still do more. She must completely take the France national team game on her own. She still lacks a bit, and consistency in particular. But in any case what she is doing is better than in the recent past and I think she can still do more. The captaincy (at PSG) gives him responsibilities, I also told him that he could take on those responsibilities here without having the armband, which Wendie has. She is someone who has an introverted personality, but she is much better than before.

Delphine Cascarino had a bit of a gap with OL, but she’s coming back just fine. How do you judge her development?
Delphine is coming of age. She has a lot of experience with her club, she also has something with the France team. She can help the left. We know very well that she is used to playing on the right, but she can do us favors on the left, so we will not deprive ourselves of her. »

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