Illegal contracts, burned out employees, aggressive management: “Cash Investigation” reveals the dark side of MacDonald’s

Once again, the investigation proposed in the program by Elise Lucet and her teams makes sensational revelations this afternoon, on France 2. The American fast-food giant: MacDonald’s.

This is a giant settled throughout our territory, which Elise Lucet and her “Cash Investigation” teams wanted to address in the issue issued this Thursday, April 7. With its 1,400 restaurants and two million meals sold every day in France, the brand is almost part of the French landscape.

But this fast food giant, which generates many jobs in the country, also has a dark side. Zoé de Bussière’s research covers everything from contracts to working conditions to the considerable marketing tools used to attract the little ones. A brief summary of what awaits you tonight.

disastrous working conditions

The most significant element of the investigation probably concerns the working conditions of the employees. Because if we are to believe the information provided in this report, short-staffed workdays are the norm. Outcome : the dose of stress and fatigue caused by employees is almost unbearable.

The anonymous testimony of a former restaurant manager describes a system of permanent pressure on employees: “I had aggressive management. That’s what I was taught to do: press. A partner you don’t pressure, a partner who isn’t afraid of you, who doesn’t respect you. Those are the values ​​that have been transmitted to me for years.. There were tears, crying, confusion. You put so much pressure on yourself that you’re tense for the whole race.”

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— CASH INVESTIGATION (@cashinvestigati) April 7, 2022

She also explains that she used sync methods, regularly telling his employees that their times were not good. Because at MacDonald’s it takes 90 seconds to prepare an order. Not to mention the shrill beeps that sound throughout the day in the kitchen.and that each time they correspond to a new task to be carried out (beat the fries, turn the steaks, etc.).

Illegal employment contracts

To be closer to reality, Rebecca, a journalist on the show, was hired at a cartel restaurant. She thus she was able to observe various problematic elements.

Starting with your employment contract. The journalist who wanted to work full time was finally hired part time. But while the Labor Code clearly stipulates that the minimum working time of the part-time employee is set at 24 hours per week, he was offered a contract of 15 hours per week.

To circumvent the law, Therefore, Rebecca will write a “voluntary” derogation letter, under the dictation of her superior.. The concern is that his contract also stipulates that he must be available for McDonald’s 60 hours a week. Therefore, it is impossible for him to combine it with another part-time job., since the schedules change every week. Especially since the fast food collective agreement prohibits the employer from requesting availability for more than three times the time worked. Second illegality indicated in this contract.

The thorny issue of franchisees

The investigation also addresses the thorny issue of relations between the parent company and the franchised restaurants. The latter is based on a complex system of royalties, and the rent depends on the billing.

But there is no any type of territorial exclusivity, which allows MacDonald’s to set up another restaurant at will a few meters from the first, without the latter being able to object. It is easy to imagine the delicate (even catastrophic) situation in which such a situation can plunge you, especially financially.

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