Mercedes AMG SL 43: less powerful, but more fun?


Mercedes-AMG presents a new SL43 roadster. Positioned as the entry level in the SL family, however, it gains a 48V light hybrid four-cylinder and a turbocharger with technology directly derived from F1.

Admittedly considered an entry-level SL model by its manufacturer, Mercedes-AMG, the newly introduced SL 43 roadster won’t be affordable for everyone. However, it will be able to make more than one dream with its new engine technology in the SL range. The engine adopts 48V light hybridization and Formula 1 turbocharging technology.

Mercedes AMG SL 43 light hybridization 48v

Until now available in two V8 engine versions, the Mercedes-AMG SL will be offered for the first time in a four-cylinder version under the name SL 43. Although the number of cylinders has been halved, the new variant offers powerful engine with 381 hp and 480 Nm. It is the same motor base that we find in the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S, and if it loses some horsepower (450 hp of origin), the 2.0 turbo gains a light hybridization of 48 V meanwhile with an alternator-starter that provides 14 CV more in certain situations and allows the car to reduce its consumption at low speed.

The other advantage of this SL 43 is its turbocharging technology. Like Formula 1, it incorporates a small electric motor that allows the drive shaft to rotate before it starts moving by recycling exhaust gases. This technology aims to minimize the delay between the moment the driver presses the accelerator pedal and the response. Therefore, the engine would be available more quickly, from low revolutions. The 0 to 100 km / h is given in 4.9 s, while its two-wheel drive configuration and its weight that does not exceed 1810 kg should make its driver smile.

Mercedes AMG SL 43 light hybridization 48v

Visually, the SL 43 differs from its V8 counterparts with a smoother front apron and a modified rear end with round tailpipes instead of square tailpipes. The classic proportions of the SL remain unchanged with the Pan-American grille, a trademark of Mercedes, and games of curves and rounding.

To increase downforce, reduce drag and achieve a more dynamic appearance, Mercedes is offering a package with additional aerodynamic elements on the front and rear bumpers, as well as a steeper angle of attack for the active rear wing. The SL 43 is equipped with a series of 19-inch wheels. 20-inch and 21-inch wheels are also available as an option.

Mercedes AMG SL 43 light hybridization 48v

Similarly, rear-wheel steering and adaptive dampers are available with a choice of settings ranging from Comfort to Sport+. If that’s not enough, an AMG Dynamic Plus package is also available, with active engine mounts, an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, a 10mm lowered ride height and a Race driving mode for circuit outings.

The SL 43 adopts the architecture developed by AMG in the V8 models, which allows a 2+2 seating arrangement. The structure is 18% stronger than its predecessor in terms of torsional stiffness, while the new model uses a triple-layer fabric roof instead of the previous version’s folding metal roof, saving 21kg. It closes in 15 seconds.

Mercedes AMG SL 43 light hybridization 48v

The cabin is the same as the other SLs, with a two-tier dash dominated by a vertically oriented touchscreen in the center. It features the latest MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system, and its angle can be adjusted by 20 degrees to prevent glare when the top is open. A 12.3-inch digital instrument panel is also included, with a wide variety of available driver aids, trim options and liners.

The price of the SL 43 will be announced next month.

Mercedes AMG SL 43 light hybridization 48v

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