Two Point Campus: back to school!

game news Two Point Campus: back to school!

Maybe it’s way behind you or maybe you’re still full of it, obviously we’re talking about the education system! Given the way administrations are run, we can afford to say, “Even I could do better.” Criticism is easy, art is delicate, you know what? Here is Two Point Campus, the spiritual successor to Two Point Hospital, planned for both PC and Switch, Playstation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Series. You will become the creator and director of a university campus. But precisely, the studio of Two point Studio, did a university version of Two Point Hospital, or is it a true revival?

We were able to play several hours in two point campus and discuss with the developers. The opportunity to discover a game in which you are responsible for a university: you will have to organize the premises, hire the staff, choose the training you will give and even take care of the decoration. Your objective is above all to generate money, let’s not hide it, but since the notes of the students will make you earn more or less money, one does not go without the other. So you will have to manage a succession of campuses within the Two Point County region, the same as in Two Point Hospital, with the same radius and the same important brands that you will recognize, such as the famous cheesy Gubbins.

revival of the series.

The main change in Two Point Campus, and it’s a rare thing in the world of management games, is the quiet moments. Management games often inspire us to rush into things to satisfy pressing needs that can’t wait. ”’Le jeu is divided into two phases: avant de lancer l’année scolaire en elle-même, vous avez les grandes vacances, un temps illimité que vous terminaz quand vous le voulez, où vous pouvez tranquillement choisir les formations qui seront dispensed Next year. This is where you will be able to make all the arrangements your students will need. New classrooms or expand your dorm to accommodate more students. It’s nice to be able to set up the rooms calmly, decorate them however you want, without being rushed by the messages that accumulate and without having to pause to save your ideas. This allows you to spend the year micromanaging your students’ lives with greater precision.

Two Point Campus: back to school!Two Point Campus: back to school!

Note also that the ergonomics are also very good. Tools like copy and paste rooms, or the ability to save room plans to reuse on another campus, make the building process that much more enjoyable.

A simulation of real life

You can take advantage of this calm time, so much to tell you! Because you expected to make classrooms and you’re right, but it’s not just that. These classrooms are already insane, with students coming in groups to use all the equipment you put at their disposal. The rooms come alive with each class session. There will be other more classic rooms such as classrooms or libraries, but you will also have to take charge of the lives of your students. Obviously they have to wash, eat and have a social life. We are not talking about the usual management game where you have clients who arrive in droves and whose needs have to be met until you have emptied their wallets. Your students are there all year, and even every year that their course lasts, if they pass their exams. And precisely, if you take care of them badly, they will get bad grades. Suffice it to say that even a chump who just wants to date his girlfriend will have to find a way to get his grades up fast enough, with private lessons for example. Other elements allow you to spice up the university year: your students will join various clubs, and you can organize parties or contests so they don’t get bored.

Two Point Campus: back to school!Two Point Campus: back to school!

A game made to last

Because the fear of repetition is never far away in a management game, and it was a definite stumbling block for Two Point Hospital, which was excellent nonetheless. We were only able to play the first two Two Point Campus maps, which were distinguished by their graphic style, but also by different university courses for students. As each course has its own rooms and requirements, asking for more and more as students move on to the second or third year of the course, a lot is expected of each student. Likewise, we have seen special studentslike goths, and the interfaces mention a dozen of these alumni who might be interested in more specific training, such as VIP students for example. A sandbox mode is also mentioned, but the promises of the developers are mainly based on the multiple possibilities that the game will offer.

Each student is very different, with social relationships that will develop between them. There will be heart problems and great friendships. Added to a training that requires different things, for example a library or a contest to evaluate the students, all this should allow renewing the experience in the long term. And to reassure us a little more, the developers also promise maps with sufficiently different purposes. It will be necessary to see in the long term what it is about, but if we look at what has been done in the Two Point Hospital DLC, we can have good hopes. Also, we’re pretty sure Two Point Campus will probably get DLC, even if nothing on this subject has been mentioned yet.

Two Point Campus: back to school!

Even more customization

We talked before about two stage game, with planning on one side and an academic year on the other. The stated goal is to enable you to get the most out of your campus while students are there. This will be an opportunity to take advantage of the character animations, all redone, and which keep this particularly fun cartoon side specific to the series.

But the other element that stands out from this presentation is customization. And there, the developers let loose. They found that players loved customizing their hospitals in the previous game, which they had to develop to that level later on. In Two Point Campus, the floor, the walls and many decorative elements are already at your fingertips. Better yet, it is the outside that opens its doors to you. The hospital locked you in predefined walls and don’t let your hand out of these walls. Here you can dress up your exteriors and place a large number of items there. The campus buildings themselves are now infinitely modifiable or buildable, as long as you have the money for them. It is up to you whether you prefer to extend a wing of your main building or build several smaller outbuildings for specific purposes. The tools are working very well at the moment and we can’t wait to push the game to the limit.

Two Point Campus responds to our fears in the best possible way, so without sadness we had to put the mouse down. Of course, he’ll have to prove his good intentions in the long run, especially in the repetitiveness that was so off-putting in his previous game, but as things stand, Two point Campus looks like a game that deserves a good diploma. We just have to wait for May 17, 2022 to know for sure!

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