“We saw each other in the final with the Belgian brothers”, confess Tarik and Ahmed

Luck was on his side jeremy and fanny. the semifinal of Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle aired this Thursday on M6 it ended with the elimination of Ahmed and Tarik. The “Prankster Cousins” found themselves with the knockout pack after the “Dreamy Couple” raffled off the other two non-knockout packs. A crushing blow for the two boys aged 18 and 25 who have not lost their good humor. “If there is a alternative route to do, we are the first to the starting line! they wait. 20 minutes return with them on their journey.

Before the opening of the black envelopes, what mood were you in?

ahmed: Honestly, I was confident. Guess it wasn’t for us. We gave ourselves up, we made a mistake in the last race, for me, we were not going to stop there.

Throw away : I didn’t think the black envelope qualifier would go to us. We managed the first two races well. Fanny and Jérémy seemed jaded, it’s the limit if they don’t give up. It wasn’t quiet, but I didn’t see us leave.

AN. : When Fanny opened the first envelope that said “no knockout”, we told ourselves that we only had one chance in two. When she opened the second, “non-elimination” too, she immediately disgusted us.

t.: After all, it’s a game, there has to be a winner and a loser. But we met in the final with the Belgian brothers.

Did you think you would go this far when you started the adventure?

AN. : In the first episode, we didn’t think about going to the finals. Our goal was never to come in last place. We move forward feeling.

t.: We took the steps one after another. We never said we would reach the semi-finals.

After your elimination, you told Stéphane Rotenberg that your best memory of the adventure was your trip in a trailer with sheep. Several months after the shoot, is that still your best memory?

AN. : I would say yes. It was a magnificent trip because we experienced spring, summer, autumn and winter at the same time.

t.: You don’t see all that on TV.

AN. : There was the rain, then the sun, the snow… It was magnificent. But in terms of good times, today I also think about the Wadi Rum desert, it was amazing.

t.: My most beautiful memory is Jordan, be it the people, the landscapes… Beijing Express made us want to go back. We still have a lot to discover. We can say that this is the beginning of a story.

Tarik, you said that your vision of Ahmed had changed, that you no longer saw him as a child, a teenager… since your return, has your impression been confirmed?

t.: This is widely confirmed. He has always been my little cousin, but since we did the adventure he has blossomed into everything. He made her open her eyes to everyday life, to the fact that you never have to give up… It made her mature.
AN. : I discovered skills I didn’t know existed. On the hike up the mountain, I found myself surprisingly patient, for example.

They are introduced as the “prankster cousins”, but we haven’t really seen them making jokes… Is it a legend or were jokes cut during editing?

t.: (Laughter) You have to know something: in all our steps to make Beijing Express we had described ourselves as “adventurous cousins”. I think when they saw the first stage they said to themselves: “They are not adventurous at all! (He bursts out laughing) So, I think that since we laughed a lot, they introduced us as jokers to stay on the same topic.
AN. : The joy of living, what.

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