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It is a date in the history of our newspaper. Thursday April 7 sees the birth of The world in Englisha digital English edition that provides English-speaking readers with translated versions of many articles published daily in Lemonde.fr. The objective of this project is twofold: to offer the English-speaking world a French and European vision of current affairs; give even greater visibility to the work of the drafting of the World and, in doing so, expand the recruitment pool of our subscribers.

The idea of ​​developing a digital version of the World in English it had already been mentioned a few years ago. But then another choice had been favoured: that of consolidating himself further in the French-speaking world and establishing himself there. The world as a means of reference. A) Yes “The World of Africa” it launched in early 2015 and has continued to develop ever since. This particular editorial effort aimed at the Francophonie remains on the agenda: it will result, for example, in the coming months, in the creation of two additional correspondent posts, in Brussels and Montreal.

But as of February 2015 they were also published on lemonde.fr two articles translated into English, on the occasion of the publication of “SwissLeaks”, an international investigation carried out by The world on a global tax evasion system developed by the Swiss subsidiary of the HSBC bank.

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From time to time, editorial content in English continues to be published on the site of the World : a video about the first seasons of the series Game of Thrones, newspaper editorial warning about the effects of Brexitentitled “Beware of Great Britain, the ‘Brexit’ could be your Waterloo! », or even a call from the journalists of the World and friendly personalities to guarantee the editorial independence of the newsroom by granting it a right of approval in the event of a change in the majority shareholder of the publishing house…

Change of pace from January 17, 2022: Gilles Paris, who was head of the International Service and Washington correspondent for the newspaper from 2014 to 2021, signs the first episode of his column entitled “The French Test” : a daily article written in English to tell the story of the French presidential election campaign for an English-speaking audience. At the same time, the project The world in English Gets Set Up: A team is assembled to prepare to launch a site entirely in English before the first round of the presidential election, which takes place on April 10.

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The team is made up of eight journalists, six from the Paris newsroom of World and two at the newspaper’s Los Angeles office. She is responsible for selecting the articles to be translated, validating them after translation, and managing the site’s home page in English. The translation is carried out by two US agencies with the help of an artificial intelligence tool. The work of editing and validating articles is carried out by journalists whose mother tongue is English.

The world in English therefore, it is not intended to publish original content, but rather the translated versions of a wide selection of articles offered by The world, as well as some agency offices, to keep abreast of current affairs. All sections and all topics are related to this project, with the exception of some specific formats or topics that are too “Franco-French”. The publication of these articles in English will logically be done with a delay in relation to their French version, time to carry out the translation and revision.

With this project, the multiple editorial contents produced daily by the newsroom of the Worldwith a staff of some five hundred journalists, it will reach a new public, potentially interested in “the singular, independent and balanced look” whether it is about major international and social problems, the climate crisis or geopolitics, in the words of Jérôme Fenoglio, director of World. The bet is ambitious: it is about carving out a niche in an English-speaking space where quality media are not lacking.

A newsletter offering a selection of articles from World in English It will be published every day, with three different delivery times so that readers in each geographical area (America, Europe-Africa, Asia-Oceania) can receive it in the morning. The world in English will distribute certain articles in free access, but the entire offer will only be accessible by subscription, and prices may vary according to geographical areas. Subscribers of the Complete, Family offers or the paper edition of the World they automatically have access to it as part of their subscription.

The objective is also commercial, while The world has set a goal of reaching one million subscribers (all media combined) by 2025. “With this investment, our ambition is to expand the growth of our digital subscriber base and for our international audience to reach almost a quarter of our subscribers”explains Louis Dreyfus, Chairman of the Board of World. The world crossed the half-million subscriber milestone for the first time in its history in December 2021.

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