Alain Schmitt tried again against Margaux Pinot: reunion of exes…new disturbing elements revealed

Alain Schmitt and Margaux Pinot faced each other this Friday, April 8, 2022 at the Paris Court of Appeal. The 38-year-old judo coach was tried for domestic violence, accused by Olympic champion Margaux Pinot, also his ex-girlfriend.

On the night of November 28, 2021, the two athletes had a violent altercation in an apartment in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Alain Schmitt was preparing to go to Israel to train the women’s team and leave Margaux Pinot with whom he had had a complicated story for four years. Later the arrest of the coach and his taking into police custodythe case was quickly tried late at night in an immediate court appearance in Bobigny. Alain Schmitt had then benefited from a launch Y Margaux Pinot had revealed the extent of her injuries on social mediain protest.

As sensitive as the issue of domestic violence may be, it cannot give rise to a presumption of guilt that is not provided for in the law.“, considered the Bobigny court in its sentence of November 30 consulted by AFP, considering that the evidence is insufficient to convict Alain Schmitt. Because, according to the judges of first instance, “the objective elements, as well as the injuries observed in one and the other, the traces of a fight noted in the apartmentIn fact, they credit both Margaux Pinot’s story and the defendant’s. The prosecution, which had sought a conviction, appealed.

For days, the ex-lovers had remade the trial several times through press conferences and interposed televisions. Political and sports figures, such as Teddy Riner or Roxana Maracineanuhad publicly supported the 27-year-old, gold medalist at the last Olympic Games with the French mixed team and suddenly propelled into an emblematic victim of unpunished domestic violence.

However, in this case, the two protagonists, each with multiple bruises, offer totally contradictory versions of the events of the night of November 28, 2021 with the same aplomb.

Margaux Pinot allegedly told him that she had been raped by another judoka

Present at the Paris Court of Appeal, a journalist from BFMTV reported on what happened there, what was said there. We learn that Alain Schmitt and Margaux Pinot were civil unions at the time of their violent altercation which resulted in several days of ITT (temporary incapacity for work) by the two athletes. “When the police arrive at 2:30 am, Alain Schmitt is in a VTC. He looks scared. He has a gaunt appearance. He smells strongly of alcohol“, reports the BFMTV journalist, after the report. The president of the court of appeals quickly establishes a fact: there were no witnesses to their altercation.

After immersing herself in the file, the president called Alain Schmitt to speak. She recounted her version of the evening, denying having hit his ex-girlfriend: “I leave the room. She stays in bed. She then gets up and asks me what I’m doing. I tell him I’m leaving. She goes back to bed. I go back there telling her: ‘Still Margaux, I say goodbye to you’‘. Alain Schmitt is also questioned about a personal matter, a rape supposedly invented by Margaux Pinot. “The president asks him about an episode that happened a little earlier. Margaux Pinot allegedly told him that she had been raped by another judoka in Lille. Before telling her that she had made it all up. He confirms on the stand that she told him that“, reports the BFMTV journalist.

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