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Last week, 343 Industries disclosed the various changes planned for the launch of the Season 2 from infinity halo. If adjustments to game modes, gameplay or interface are especially expected, the new season will also be an opportunity to discover the new Battle Pass. The latter has also been heavily criticized by players and the study details today in a new blog post the many changes made in this regard.

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Progression, rewards… from the change to the launch of Season 2!

Among the criticism of the community towards the game, the progression and the Battle Pass are points that come up regularly. The first good news is that you can redeem your Battle Pass with Season 2 rewards. 343 in fact indicates that it will be possible to earn 1000 Credits with this new Battle Pass, the price of Premium.

For those who don’t want to pay, there’s also good news as more customization items will be offered for free compared to Season 1.

Below are the changes planned for the launch of Battle Pass #2.


  • The value of packages will be more consistent across different offers.

Battle pass and progression

  • The Season 2 free track will have more customization content than the Season 1 track.
  • Players can earn 1,000 CR with the Season 2 Premium Battle Pass.
  • Weekly challenges will continue to be improved.
  • The final rewards will be higher value cosmetics such as visors, shaders, and stances, and will no longer feature emblems or banners throughout the season.


  • Updates will be made to improve overall stability, issues caused by watching multiple movies in a row, and issues that occur when watching multiple matches in a row.

Other changes planned during the season

These first elements are what is expected at the launch of Season 2. However, the studio does not intend to stop there and will continue to study player feedback to improve its formula.

Ability to mix armor pieces.

Among the comments from the community, one of the most frequent focuses on the possibility of mixing equipment (visors, helmets, etc.) between the different armor cores. The study indicates that it is currently studying the issue and wishes to gradually evolve towards this model, but that it will take some time.

Career progression at work.

In terms of progression, many players ask for a professional progression. This system is currently in the design phase and you will also have to be patient before you can discover it.

Earn XP based on performance in games

Finally, the studio reaffirms that it is working on a system to reward player performance in each game. This system will be available this year, without further details.

You can find all the points studied by 343 Industries in the blog post dedicated.

If you liked the gameplay when the game was released, but the progression and content quickly outstripped your investment, we can only recommend that you watch future updates carefully. Big changes are coming and should delight most players.

Remember that Season 2 will be released on May 3 and will welcome new game modes as well as new maps. The game is now free to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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