Jean-Philippe’s departure by medical order, the hidden diagnosis, the reasons…

The former captain of the Greens, Jean-Philippe, said goodbye to his teammates from the red team. The adventurer had thought of everything except abandonment for medical reasons.. in the episode transmission This Tuesday, April 5, the spectators have witnessed his departure. We tell you more about what happened behind the scenes!

The verdict has fallen on Norman, 36 years old. He taken to the infirmary on March 22 for his feet that had mysteriously swollen, he was taken to the infirmary. He now he must resign himself to leaving the game. It was Denis Brogniart who announced his departure to the rest of the team members. But there is no explanation of the reasons. medical that caused this situation. “The medical fact is only shown when it can have an impact on the adventure. When there is an evacuation, for example, we show it, because we want the viewers to be able to understand what is happening. But we never divulge the diagnosis in detail, for reasons of medical secrecy. », really explained Julien Magne, producer of the show, to our colleagues from Entertainment television.

The main interested party thought, however, of returning to the adventure. “I was determined to go further, bring this team together and win events. I thought it was an allergy to a plant or a small bite but after a few tests and a few days last in the infirmary, it turned out to be a vitamin B1 deficiency,” Jean-Philippe told our colleagues at Tele-Leisure.

The production refuses to communicate about his illness: the reasons

Fortunately for him, he restored after ten days. While no one really knew what had happened to her, she trusted the columns of Tele-Leisure.I knew that I couldn’t spend ten days in the infirmary before returning to the game, the production took all the necessary care to recover me. Additional tests were carried out at the hospital in Manila, where I was transferred for a few days. Then I had a quick return to France after a short week and everything was back to normal,” he said.

What hurt him the most was disappointing his two son. “They were obviously frustrated and disappointed because they expected their dad to go as far as possible. They know my authoritarian, straight and tough character. But also fun and unifying. They were hopeful. They knew that the word ‘surrender’ is not in my vocabulary. But since the broadcast of the episodes they know that I have nothing to do with it and that I have not been unworthy. Entertainment television.

Norman, 36, has no regrets

But the Norman with good character. wet Do not regret anything. Well, almost… “I just regret not having Colin on my team because I love the profile of him. Otherwise, I gave everything morally, physically, humanly. I think I did a great JP like I know how to do. And even in the face of the criticism received on the networks, I would play the same way again because I myself did not play a game. We were united and only with that I won, ”he summarized in the columns of Entertainment television.

Jean-Philippe: And he hopes that the viewers who had a bad feeling about him at the beginning of the show have changed their minds. “I arrived at the match telling myself that we were going to do everything to win and give ourselves the means. And the netizens who didn’t like me because I had a big mouth in the thirty seconds of Presentation Perhaps they will say that I shone in the tests with the others, that I advanced as a team without crushing anyone, that the other candidates liked me, that no one criticized me, that my name does not appear on any ballot. So maybe they were wrong about me.“And you, what is your opinion about Jean-Philippe?

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