MotoGP Eric Mahé on Fabio Quartararo’s future: “We have great respect for Yamaha, but…”

Fabio Quartararo’s future beyond the 2022 horizon is a touchy subject in the unstable race that MotoGP has become today. The results change with each meeting and with nine different drivers having already climbed the steps of the podium, it is more than difficult, even for the experts, to assess the strengths and opportunities. It is also for this reason that we go from time to time again. A strategy that adapts Eric Mahé manager of Fabio Quartararo who spoke on motogp.comnot saying much, but still sending some messages…

Until a few years ago, contracts were signed very soon and it seemed like a gamble. Then the values ​​were tightened in MotoGP, giving the reflection a more complex dimension. That’s how today, we don’t show the cards so easily anymore. We even went to the chess game instead.

A game that doesn’t sulk Eric Mahé who evaluates the opportunities fabio quartararo with as much surgical precision as the Frenchman adjusts his motorcycle. We learn: there is nothing new because we check all the parameters ” East Eric Mahé. « We just need to know where Fabio can get the best possible results at this stage. “. Then he clarifies: we are a bit lucky because years ago a decision like this would have been made a year in advance. At this stage, there is no urgency, so it is a good situation. ».

Eric Mahé: « Yamaha is also not in a hurry«

The French adds: There are only two riders signed for next year, Morbidelli and Bagnaia, and I imagine that Yamaha is not in a hurry either. So we investigate everything and then we’ll see what happens. “. If we understand the message correctly, yamaha he risks taking his time to assess the demands of his current World Champion, and the only one capable of keeping this mark at the top of the MotoGP basket, thus giving him the opportunity to go looking for him elsewhere.

Car Eric Mahé find out well in other places too: It is not a question of offers. We are in talks. We try to do what is best for Fabio. “. And he ends his proof with a new subtext for yamaha : « Of course we have great respect for Yamaha, but for some reasons that I can’t say, we have to think ».

The idea commonly accepted by the rumor of the paddock is the one that had already been revealed out of season and wanting that with sling, communications are open. The World Champion from France clarified that he was an affable guy and therefore was chatting with everyone in the paddock when he was seen talking to an executive from suzuki. Otherwise, on the contract side, only Mark Marquez, brad folder Y Pecco bagnaia they have a stable future until 2024. In yamahathe lease of Franco Morbidelli runs through 2023. And as if to add to the tumult, in Austin, the manager of Fermin Aledguer He said that two factories were ready to hire his foal to integrate him in 2024…

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