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Discover the detailed summary of Here everything begins season 2 in advance with episode 377 broadcast on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 on TF1. Théo finally manages to discover the truth about Marta, a stalker who is an accomplice of Charlene. Solal confesses her feelings to Amber. Teyssier has decided to support her nephew Axel for the competition.

The complete summary of the ITC soap opera from the episode of 04/13/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in advance, everything you need to know.

Philippe lets Axel taste the competition

Find the full summary ofIt all begins here episode 377 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday 13th April 2022 (see summaries before It all starts here ): the summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 04/13/2022 It is online.

Theo says he’s thought about the baby…he says he doesn’t really know, he thinks we have to wait a bit, it’s only been a few days since they got back together.
Marta tells Theo that she needs to know if he is ready for this project. Theo ends up telling Marta that he is ready for the baby, she can make an appointment with the gynecologist.
Theo says he’s sure of himself, that he won’t change his mind.

Axel asks Emmanuel to convince his father by telling him that he believes in the fact that he can pass his exam. Teyssier tells Axel that he has a 1 in 100 chance of passing the competition, he doesn’t want to tutor Axel Teyssier that desperate cases are not for him

Solal Here everything begins

Solal has feelings for Ambre / ITC in preview episode 377 of 04/13/2022

Gaetan returns to the mobile home to find Amber and Enzo sleeping under their duvet. Enzo says they didn’t do anything. Amber explains that they got up late, found the mobile home unlocked, and fell asleep.

Theo doesn’t know how he’s going to get the keys with the address. Theo reassures Célia, he is not going to spend anything with Marta… she disgusts him.

Constance thinks that Emmanuel has too much ego to let his brother win…she is convinced that he will end up helping Axel in the competition.

Theo ITC

Theo catches Marta and Charlène

Gaetan asks Solal to reframe things, otherwise the events in the swamps will end. Ambre and Enzo admit to having gone to a party after Solal left… and they fell asleep because they were HS.

Marta called the doctor, they gave her an appointment for the next week. Marta kisses Theo, tells him that she loves him. Theo replies that he thinks he won’t make it, but Marta says she doesn’t care.

Teyssier calls Philippe and Axel into his office: Emmanuel confirms that it would be a good idea for Axel to take the test. Philippe says that he has a future for his son… he ends up accepting the deal. If Axel misses the competition, he will go back to being a bricklayer for the family business.

Emmanuel I.T.C.

Confrontation between the brothers Philippe and Emmanuel

Eliott and Célia overhear Charlene and Marta’s conversation… who have decided to have a baby. Celia is bad, she is afraid

Here everything begins in advance episode 377 of April 13, 2022: Marta fired soon?

Solal confesses to Amber that it drove him crazy knowing that she and Enzo spent the night together. She was afraid that they had slept together. Amber thinks she’s a misplaced ego. Solal says that it is not like that, that he loves her and misses her.

Theo says he managed to get the keys, he made a duplicate. Célia no longer trusts Théo, she tells him that she doesn’t want to know more about him and this affair with Marta.

Cela ITC

Célia can’t take it anymore to share Theo

Theo enters the famous apartment with Charlene (Theo is inside, overhears their conversation and confronts them). Theo asks Charlene to go talk to Marta. Theo tells these 4 truths to Marta: he tells her that he cheated on her. Theo tells Marta that he has to go get treatment, she slaps him.
Théo is going to convince Marta to pay for everything she did to Célia.

Teyssier summons Landiras and Claire: he asks if Axel can attend classes as a free listener. Teachers really don’t have a choice, Teyssier’s decision is made

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Everything Begins Here Highlights: What to Remember

Claire I.T.C.

Claire and Landiras will have to accept Axel in class

– Axel will pass the competition and Teyssier supports him
– Theo managed to catch Marta, he understood that Charlene was an accomplice
– Solal is still in love with Amber
– Gaetan doesn’t really like River table events.
– Philippe Teyssier accepts the deal with his son Ael

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