this sulphurous scene from the novel that was diluted on the screen

Although fans of the series The Bridgerton Chronicle are delighted with the return of the Bridgerton family to Netflix, some have noted that a sulphurous scene from the novel has been slightly modified on screen.

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The wait is over from March 25! subscribers to Netflix can now compulsively watch the second season of The Bridgerton Chroniclebased on the second volume of the literary saga of novelist julia quinnwhich takes a closer look at Anthony Bridgerton (jonathan bailey). In this new flurry of episodes, the viscount is in search of a perfect wife, more interested in the pragmatic side of things than romance, for his personal story. But against all odds, Anthony Bridgerton will quickly succumb to the charm of Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandra). An attraction that is not very well seen by her older sister, Kate (simon ashley). And yet, the latter will end up falling in love with Viscount Bridgerton and vice versa. This exciting love triangle has conquered millions of viewers since its premiere on Netflix. In fact, the second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle broke a new record, becoming the most watched series in a week. A real success of the series, though some fans of the literary saga feel slightly disappointed not to find certain emblematic moments of the book in the fiction produced by Shonda Rhimes.

The Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix): This iconic scene from the book changed on screen

If you have already read The viscount who loved methe second volume of the novelist Julia Quinn, you already know many scenes from the book were cut or altered for the purposes of the series. Changes that left some viewers frustrated at not seeing certain scenes from the book in The Bridgerton Chronicle. Among these sequences, the one where a bee stings Kate in the chest has been changed in the series. Panicking, Anthony quickly places his hand on his beloved’s chest to make sure she’s okay. Nevertheless, in the book, this scene is much more sulphurous as Anthony tries to suck the poison out of Kate’s chest. A very intimate moment, especially since they are surprised by their mothers, who then force them to marry to preserve Kate’s honor. A big difference that left many viewers upset, like some may have been about Edwina’s character…and yet it is not the only important scene that was cut from the series.

The Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix): This Marriage You Won’t See On Screen

In addition to this intimate scene between Anthony and Kate, fans of the series also expected to see the sequence of their marriage. To the anger of the spectators, Chris Van Dusen, the creator of the series, was forced to explain the absence of this great scene of the second volume. “There’s a mid-season wedding and there’s a little fantasy sequence. And then at the very end, there’s a powerful moment where we see Anthony and Kate alone in the church, just the two of them, where they exchange their first passionate kiss. It is marriage. It is such a beautiful, exciting and fascinating moment for them that there was nothing more to add.”.

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