Why Captain Marleau takes us out by the eyes

CRITICISM – out of seasontwenty-seventh opus of captain marleau, broadcast this Friday, April 8, 2022 on France 2, seems like the umpteenth variation on the same theme. We ended up getting tired of collecting, that’s why…

A spa in the Basque Country, out of season. Magali is found beaten to death in the dining room of the restaurant that she just bought Lana (Laura Smet) and was going to take over the management of. Just around the corner was Captain Marleau (Corinne Masiero), who will lead the investigation…

Because the scenarios are all the same.

Created in 2015 at the request of the producer and director Josée Dayan and the patron of France 3 fiction, Anne Holmes, after the success of the unit Between winds and tidesin which the character first appeared, captain marleau It is a very classic collection.. Nothing, except its heroine, distinguishes it from any other collection of detective novels of the public service group. Every time there is a victim, the gendarmerie captain lands as if by magic at the wheel of her old diesel, a local brigade not always up to the task, which she starts hurrying before allowing herself to be cajoled, the suspects eliminated one by one. a bit of heritage to awaken the desire to discover Corsica or Brittany, an investigation that ends at the end of each episode, and a plethora of guests, the great pride of Josée Dayan. Without them, the collection of which France 2 is broadcasting episode 27 tonight would undoubtedly have lasted longer.

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Because the character does not evolve.

The years go by. The serial landscape changes. The series or collection acquires thickness. The characters gain in depth. Except Captain Marleau, whose unpredictable character, the lone knight side, the chapka, the valves, the puns, the positions taken, the method of investigation, the interrogations and the relationship with the other are invariably the same. Elsa Marpeau, character designer – Alexandra Ehle’s as well – had indisputably spawned an extraordinary personality. Corinne Masiero, who has embodied him for seven years, has undoubtedly given him life, has even given him, thanks to his commitment to women, thanks to the support he has given to the cause of the yellow vests, much more. At the height of his success, in 2019 and 2020, the character was elevated to the rank of muse, a personified allegory of social and social protest. Still, we’d like to see it evolve a bit, rather than find it systematically frozen in a gimmick that makes it, from episode to episode, a little more unbearable.

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Because the actress seems to have chosen the party of provocation ‘two bullets and minimal effort’

Corinne Masiero, we saw it in the magnificent louis wimmer – a woman in her fifties is on the street, with her car as her only shelter – and The invisibleShe is a remarkable actress of humanity, precision, brute force and directness. The criticism is unanimous. The profession honors him. The public loves him. And Captain Marleau is her, whose lines of dialogue she rewrites at her whim. However, she seems to show less and less enthusiasm for carrying out her character. To the point that she gives the impression of being tired of it, of resorting to the same provocations, to the same springs, gradually abandoning her game to the guests. Gérard Depardieu, Jeanne Balibar, Kad Merad, Isabelle Adjani, Édouard Baer, ​​Nicole Garcia, Catherine Frot, Laura Smet are now much more than her puppets. Without Corinne Masiero, whosethe image suffered a bit from his bizarre performance on the Césars stage, the series would not exist. But without Josée Dayan’s address book, the series probably wouldn’t exist anymore.

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