Facing Baba: Cyril Hanouna hosts a main event with one of two presidential finalists

During Touche pas à mon poste on Monday, April 11, Cyril Hanouna assured that one of the two presidential candidates would be present on his political program, Face à Baba, to debate with the French. The program is scheduled for this Wednesday night.

Cyril Hanouna has definitely established himself as an inescapable element of the presidential campaign. This Monday April 11 The star presenter of C8 has made a new announcement with much fanfare: his political program, Face à Baba, will host one of the two finalists in the presidential elections. And this from this Wednesday, April 13. The news was made live, at the beginning of Touche pas à mon poste. This program will be one of the must-see events between the two rounds.

This is what Cyril Hanouna had to say: “Okay, dears, to tell the truth, we asked the two finalists to do a special Face à Baba. We would like to put them face to face with the French, citizens who are going to vote in the second round. They will face the two candidates. We had the agreement of Marine Le Pen, who will therefore be there, live this Wednesday night, so in two days. Then there will be a live Face à Baba with Marine Le Pen.”

Cyril Hanouna: “Marine Le Pen will be the guest of Face à Baba this Wednesday night”

Touche presenter not in my post directly gave more information. “She will face different French. I want to put her in front of a yellow vest, a veiled woman, so she can tell us everything she wants to do. That’s it, Marine Le Pen, it’s done.” But what about the second candidate, Emmanuel Macron? We await the response of the outgoing president. At the moment, we don’t have any. But if he does not come, we will still make a show with these same French people who will face one or two representatives of the current government.”.

“Since we still don’t have the answer from the two candidates, I decided to convince the president to come. But if not, we will still do a special program in the next few days. Wednesday afternoon with Marine Le Pen, another evening with Emmanuel Macron or his representatives“. Two exciting nights for the next results of the second round of the presidential elections?

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