Fired from the Oscars: before Will Smith, who are the other 5 personalities excluded by the Academy?

This Friday we learned that Will Smith had been banned from participating in the Oscars for 10 years. The Academy made this decision after the sad affair of the slap to Chris Rock. But who are the other banned personalities?

After almost two weeks of hesitation and controversy, the Academy of the Oscars issued its verdict on April 8 in the case. Will Smith.

The day after his slap in the face chris rock During the ceremony on March 27, the actor apologized and resigned from the Academy.

The board of directors finally made its decision after the disciplinary procedure opened against the artist. The latter received a 10-year ban from participating in the Oscar ceremony. However, he retains the right to be nominated for a role.

After this sad affair, a question arises: who are the other personalities who have been expelled from the Academy?



He died in 2019 at the age of 85, Carmine Caridi is best known for playing two small roles in the godfather 2 Y the godfather 3 (Carmine Rosato in one and Albert Volpe in the other). He is the first personality expelled from the Academy of the Oscars in 2004. The comedian circulated confidential copies of films that ended up on the Internet.

In 2017 he defended himself in the columns of the hollywood reporter “I was serving a guy and he picked me up. Who would have thought I’d put them on the internet?” he said. To avoid jail, Caridi turned in his accomplice, Russell Sprague, and was able to avoid a conviction. However, he will be expelled manu militari from the Oscar Academy.



the famous producer harvey weinsteinwho used to campaign fiercely to get his movies represented at the Oscars, was kicked out in 2017.

After the high-profile scandal linked to his sexual assault and rape allegations, Weinstein was banned. The Academy condemned these crimes and implemented a new code of conduct, stating that the Oscars do not tolerate “people who abuse their status, power or influence”.

Bill Cosby


bill cosby He was one of the most popular actors in the United States. He fell heavily from his pedestal in 2018. Considered the ideal father by the United States thanks to the success of the cosby showthe actor actually hid a personality of sexual predator.

He was sentenced to 3 years in prison in September 2018 for drugging and raping Andrea Constand, a young woman he had invited to his home in 2004. The Academy expelled him a month later. Bill Cosby’s sentence was the first of the #MeToo era. It is considered a great victory in the fight against sexual violence against women. Cosby was released from prison in June 2021.

Roman Polansky


Roman PolanskyOscar for best director in 2003 for The pianistHe was never worried about the Academy before 2018, despite his stumbles with the law and his accusation of rape in the US. Under the new code of conduct adopted by the Oscars after the Weinstein case, the director was expelled from the Academy at the same time as Bill Cosby.

At the time, the filmmaker made his displeasure known, arguing that the directors should have given him “reasonable notice” before any exclusion order, and “a reasonable chance to be heard.”

adam kimmel


director of photography at Truman Capote Where A bride like no other with ryan gosling, Adam Kimmel She was fired from the Oscar Academy in 2021.

The leaders discovered that the technician hid a heavy past as a sexual aggressor. He was arrested twice for assaulting minors. Therefore, he was logically expelled.

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