Florent Pagny suffers from cancer, the not very reassuring news revealed!

Florent Pagny has decided to move away from the spotlight after suffering from lung cancer. Quite reassuring news has been revealed about his state of health.

Florent Pagny: I have a problem, but I discovered it very early, I am at level 1, it is something that I have between 3 and 6 months.

I only have a tumor reveals Florent Pagny, I have no metastasis, I have nothing in the other organs, he explained. An announcement that he had moved all of France.

Despite the seriousness of his illness, Florent Pagny decided to fight and do his best to recover as quickly as possible.

According To New Information, “My Freedom Of Thought” Singer Is In Much Better Condition Health. Florent Pagny’s fight little by little begins to bear fruit.

After two months of intensive treatment, Florent Pagny’s lung tumor has already halved.

So far, the singer has completed 30 of the 50 planned chemotherapy sessions. According to a source close to coach of “The Voice”reacts well to the harsh treatment that follows.

This is rare for the vast majority of patients who suffer from vomiting, violent headache and lack of appetite. For now, this information should be taken with caution because it has not been confirmed by the affected person or his family.

Ael Pagny: Everything is fine!

Despite his cancer, Florent Pagny wanted to shoot the new season of “The Voice”. Last March, he also participated in the benefit concert organized to support the Ukrainian people in war against Russia, broadcast by France two.

If the news of star The French are rare, Florent Pagny’s daughter, Aël, gave some details about her father’s state of health. On Instagram she answered a question from one of her followers on the subject: How is your father? Everything is going well. Thanks for all the messages from him, she assured the young woman, launching a video of their parents eating ice cream.

Singer Florent Pagny’s lung cancer: his tumor would have halved

Florent Pagny, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in January, has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for several weeks. According to the popular press, the latest news is quite good for the singer.

Florent Pagny would be better. This is what Ton Mag magazine says in its latest issue, on sale this Thursday 7 April. Interviewed on television news. TF1 On February 10, the interpreter of ‘Saber amar’ had declared that he had started chemotherapy sessions a few days before.

According to information from Ton Mag, taken up by Here, Florent Pagny has already completed thirty of his fifty chemotherapy sessions. Sessions that are beginning to bear fruit. People said weekly that he was able to confirm that his lung tumor had already shrunk by half.

Florencio Pagny! Very tired.

Florence Pagny

Above all, the singer Florent Pagny would adapt well to his treatment, except for a very great fatigue. A reassuring piece of news that seems to confirm the words of his daughter, Aël Pagny, last week on his Instagram account broadcast by Gala. The young woman did not go into details, and she simply answered everything well to a user who asked how her father was doing.

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