Foot PSG – PSG-OM: The Ultras give a finger of honor to Pochettino and Mbappé

The match between PSG and OM is likely to take place in a polar atmosphere, as if the Marseilles are banned, the Parisian ultras are not going to give up their clash with Paris despite the demands of Pochettino and Mbappé.

Paris Saint-Germain are fast approaching a tenth French Ligue 1 title in their history, but the enthusiasm has clearly worn off since the disastrous Champions League exit against Real Madrid last March. Worse still, the capital club isolated itself from its Ultras, who did not swallow the way in which psg sank in Europe. Against Bordeaux and Lorient, and despite the victory, the Parc des Princes was subdued, with numerous messages addressed to certain players, Lionel Messi and Neymar, and to the Parisian leaders. And even far from its stadium, the Collectif Ultras Paris does not give up, as evidenced by Saturday night’s meeting in Clermont, where the parking lot reserved for PSG fans was silent with only a tarp placed upside down, which It is clearly a very negative message. And despite the 1-6, the CUP had already packed their bags and returned to the capital when Gianluigi Donnarumma and some players came to greet them. The story will not end there.

Mbappé and Pochettino challenge the PSG Ultras

Following this victory in Clermont, Kylian Mbappé and Mauricio Pochettino discussed the next reception of theMarseille Olympic in the Parc des Princes, and for this Ligue 1 classic, the PSG star and his coach expressed the wish that the Ultras make peace and find their voice. ” We want the fans to be with us against OM. We understand his disappointment. If they are with us, it will be great, if not, we will still do our job. Said Kylian Mbappé, quickly imitated by Mauricio Pochettino, who admitted that he understood a little this anger that the elimination in Madrid generated. ” Against Marseille it is not just another match, it is always a special match. Supporters have the right to demonstrate, we are in a democracy, but we hope that they are with us, and that they put aside the disappointment and anger that they have deep inside. All this to show the whole world a strong image of our club. “explains the coach of Paris Saint-Germain. Words that, however, seem not to have convinced the hottest fans of the capital club at all.

Total silence during PSG-OM?

Enough to predict a very special atmosphere next Sunday at the Parisian stadium, since the fans of Olympique de Marseille will not be able to make the trip. According to Le Parisien, the Collectif Ultras Paris will most likely turn a deaf ear to the calls of Mbappé and Pochettino, and if the Virage Auteuil will not be empty, it will be completely silent although OM will go to the Parc des Princes to prevail. with true sporting arguments. ” Deprived of their historical rivals, cold towards their team, the Parisian ultras were no longer present at the Parc, but once again in a posture of indifference towards their players. This promises a dire atmosphere for the clash at the top of this day 32 of Ligue 1 “, announces the Ile-de-France newspaper about PSG-OM next Sunday.

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