her daughter Aël announces sad news, sadness!

Aël loves the web with her beauty and her Instagram account now has almost 20,000 subscribers. On her profile, he used to share photos of her with her lover. But recently, the beautiful brunette sadly announced that they are separated..

Fortunate to have a loving father

Despite their separation, Aël Pagny can always count in the unfailing love and protection of his dear dad. In Gala’s columns, she revealed that the singer is a protective and discreet father at the same time. For him, his children do not belong to him.

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“He watches over us, even from a distance. He always gives us good advice. But he is never nosy, he leaves us free as long as everything is done according to the rules and we are happy, ”said Aël in an interview with Gala magazine.

The sad news about the health of Florent Pagny did not leave indifferent to the world of French music. The words of support came not only in the comments bar, but also through the posts of many artists. Suffering from inoperable lung cancer, the father of Aël and Inca is still very combative.

«I have just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the lung, which cannot be operated on. I have to enter a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and X-rays. I am going to put myself in warrior mode to face this rather special ordeal, ”we learned in this video where he announces his illness and cancels his tour. 60 years old.

Reassuring news about his father’s condition

discreet as it is, Florent Pagny is not used to to talk about your private life on social networks. In addition, the only publication of his after the announcement of his cancer was that he had started his chemotherapy. And since the father is sick, the daily life of her daughter attracts the curious.

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oneit is April, Ael bring good news about his father’s health. Subscribers were able to discover the happy singer with her family. The video posted on the Instagram story shows a man surrounded by his family enjoying a good ice cream. He, his wife and his daughter were eager to take a walk around the city. In this video, the young photographer wrote:

” Everything is going well. Thanks for all your messages.»

Two days earlier, the singer’s daughter asked her subscribers what kind of photo they would like to see. The majority then asked for a photo of her father. Fulfilling her promise, she posted a photo of Florent Pagny surrounded by her family on her Instagram story. There we saw Inca, as well as Azucena Caamaño, the singer’s wife.

The end of a beautiful love story.

Very affectionate, Aël used to share photos with her lover Ariel. But her love ended up blowing garlic. Fans began to wonder when they no longer saw the photos of the handsome Argentine on his Instagram account. It was then that she announced that it was all over between them.

In a Q&A session on March 30, 2022, a bewildered follower asked, “We don’t see Ariel anymore.” Being honest, Aël Pagny replied that they have not been together for more than six months.

“Four years since I gave you my first kiss and I still have butterflies in my stomach,” he said on social media a few years ago.

Ariel was the first love of Ael, and they were together for six years. Despite their breakup, the young woman still posted a photo of the man she loved. In the image, the young man posed in the middle of nature with his most beautiful smile.

However, she did not want to reveal the reason that led them to end this love story. In addition, the last snapshot of the young man that he shared suggests that they parted on good terms.

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