Jono Gibbes (ASM Clermont), after the clear defeat against Leicester: “29-10, that’s the reality between the two teams”

Yes. I believe that 29-10 is the reality and the difference between the two teams. Between a very effective team in the scoring area, and us who had many chances but lacked precision. Against a team like this, you can come across two or a maximum of three times in the match, you have to take advantage of each time. They are able to press and be effective at key moments. Also, we were not effective and efficient enough in the support zone of the ruck. Our reaction to the guy carrying the ball wasn’t quick enough.

Have you also had difficulties with the opposing balls?

We suffer every time, I think. It is something that we are not performing enough at this level. Maybe in some Top 14 matches this defense is enough, but at the highest level, in a European Cup finals match, we are not good enough.

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How much did Kotaro Matsushima’s injured exit bother you?

Our three-quarter line is not very deep right now. Losing such a player at the beginning was a disappointment for everyone. For the future too. We will see the seriousness (of his injury).

Cheikh Tiberghien also suffered cramps at the end of the match…

Yes, but I think Cheikh’s performance is a very positive thing to take away from this match. He really responded to this level of competition and this type of game. is positive

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19 points before the second leg, how should we approach the week and the second leg?

We need to analyze the content of these 80 minutes. You have to understand things. This team needs to build and prepare for high-level matches. It’s obvious after these 80 minutes. So let’s start with that and then the “medical check” will also be a factor. Then we will see how we are able to respond and bring the same energy to the team for the return.

Should we have a squad management in the second leg before the game in Castres?

That is a good question. But honestly, in my head, for now, I mainly want to watch this 80 minutes again and try to convey the necessary things to the group. This is my priority. Then there will also be the “health check” which will be quite hot tomorrow morning (Monday).

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Wesley Fofana hasn’t played since September, how did you find him today?

For a resumption match, it is very difficult. But he’s a smart player who is able to read the game early enough to position himself well. In training, there is not necessarily the same speed or the same time as in matches. But there are no big disappointments in Wesley’s performance.

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