League of Legends: The least evolved champion in the game

Riot Games is constantly making changes to champions in League of Legends, looking to buff those that need it and nerf those that are too powerful. Most of these tweaks just change a few stats here and there, making the character competitive or conversely a little less oppressive to play against. However, bigger changes are sometimes made, with a complete overhaul of at least some abilities, or even the entire kit. This is a situation from which no character escapes, except an irreducible lich.

A graphic overhaul, but no gameplay.

Karthus It hasn’t evolved much since its launch in 2009. The biggest changes to his spells have mainly been to his passive (which could bring him back to life early on) and his Wall of Pain which no longer reduces enemies’ armor for a few years. These changes didn’t have much of an impact on Karthus’ gameplay, which remained the same. The champion has undergone certain modifications, going from being a very passive midlaner to a very passive jungler as well, making some stops in the toplane and even in the ADC position. But that didn’t change the way his abilities worked.

World champion in S1 anyway!

That’s also not to say that it hasn’t caught the attention of Riot Games. As well as getting a nice boost with the Pentakill metal albums, the Lich also got a very nice visual overhaul. The latter was not only intended to dust it off, but also slightly censor it. To understand this, you should know that depicting human bones in video games is illegal in some countries, and Riot Games made sure to remove them from images of Karthus.in order to standardize splasharts across regions (and honestly, it wasn’t bad, some of the Asian art made Western gamers drool with envy, whose splasharts were the same since the game’s release).

honorable mentions

Finally, Karthus isn’t the only one who has been heavily modded, though he is certainly the least modded champion in LoL history. For example Jax has changed very little since its release, though the disappearance of the dodge stat (available only through his passive and former Tabi Ninja) has profoundly changed the way the game is played. The goal here was to remove a random component, Jax can sometimes dodge 5 consecutive attacks or conversely not dodge at all despite the investment in this stat.

League of Legends

The other good candidate is Tryndamere, which also changed very little. Although his gameplay remained the same, he underwent a pretty substantial change in 2011. At that time, Fury did not exist, and Tryndamere’s abilities cost him his life as a dr world. Basically his playability has not been much affected by this change, but it represents, in our eyes, a relatively important evolution, which forces him to leave the title of champion that has evolved the least to Karthus. And anyway, isn’t death the end of evolution? (When we die, our bodies turn to grass, and the antelope eat Simba grass…)


With the end of the regular season of the League of Legends European Championship, the MVP title went to the Frenchman Vetheo. If he did not steal this reward, it is clear that a specific position remains still and always in the shadows.

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