Les Bleues achieve their third consecutive victory in the Six Nations Tournament

They were expected and they did not disappoint. The offensive bonus in the pocket just before the break gave a glimpse of the performance of the Blues, on Sunday, April 10. the XV of France almost perfectly mastered his theme to dominate the Scottish players (8-28) and start from his first trip to the Six Nations Tournament with another win. After a messy but victorious match against Italy in the openingthen a more solid success against ireland, the Blues delivered a high-flying first half in Scotland before stalling in the second act. Enough, however, to chain a third success in as many games.

The contribution of Jessy Trémoulière, back from the profession replaced at the opening of the occasion, was particularly valuable. Thanks to this impeccable, The XV of France can still dream of a Grand Slam which has not been done since 2018. Next stop, Wales, April 22.

If the score may suggest a French health walk, the Blues have marked this match especially for their pragmatism and a hermetic defense in the first half. Les Tricolores left the initiative of the match to the Scots (38% possession for the XV de France at the break), controlling wave after wave being more penalized than usual, but without much impact on the scoreboard.

“We absolutely have to put our heads back in placewarned however the captain of the Blue, Gaëlle Hermet, at the end of the match. We took too many penalties in this game. It’s good to win, that’s what was needed, but it will be difficult in Wales, something else against England. We will have to be more precise in the brand areas.”

Because if Chardon’s XV settled for just three penalty points scored at halftime (28-3, 40th) and the Blues made the least of their chances, France’s XV remained fanny in the second half unlike the Scots. who scored her only try of the match by defender Chloé Rollie (69th).

Among the satisfactions, two French women stood out. Associated with the hinge for the first time in the Tournament, Laure Sansus and Jessy Trémoulière (crowned player of the match) entertained. At the scrum, the first confirmed his promotion in this team by planting, among other things, the first try of the game thanks to a footwork to follow by himself (9th, 7-0). For her part, the best player in the world in 2018, whom we have rarely seen play in this opening position, applied herself to send the Scots home with 50/22 and increase the score in front of the posts (100 %). . As a bonus, she also went there with proof of her thanks to a well-felt false pass (28).

Les Bleues have ten days to prepare for their next game against Wales. They will have no margin for error if they want to afford a final against England in Bayonne on April 30.

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