Livebox 6 is ahead of Freeboxes, were fixed networks better before? Your best reactions to free and telecom news

Livebox 6 is ahead of Freeboxes, were fixed networks better before?  Your best reactions to free and telecom news

Univers Freebox deals with news about Free and telecommunications and has always been a space where the community could express themselves. Sometimes the answers are very funny, or very relevant, but we must delve into the comments to discover the good words of our readers. Then we offer you our small selection in this “Best-Of”.

Livebox 6 beats Freebox

The news Orange Livebox 6 was presented on April 6 during a keynote conference placed under the sign of the metaverse. There is no new TV box but a server with a very innovative design, with WiFi 6E on board to make the most of the power of the fiber. And this WiFi 6E thing is making a lot of noise, since the first operator to mention this technology was Free, in the person of Xavier Niel who announced in 2020 that he would prefer this standard to WiFi 6. In the end, it was in fact Orange, which it is the first to market a compatible offer, with Bouygues Telecom, which will do the same on April 25. Free missed the boat?

However, some point out, with a mocking tone that is not necessarily necessary, that accessing WiFi 6E does not only require a box, but compatible devices that are still far from being democratized.

Has the maintenance of the copper network really gone better than that of the fiber?

Elected officials associations want to be associated with the Orange copper network dismantling plan in order to guarantee the success of the project and access to fiber optics for all users. Certain arguments stand out, in particular perpetual vices. However, some point out that network maintenance problems are not new and that the famous “it was better before” widespread.

It should also be noted that the issues raised around fiber connections and maintenance are enough to scare off eligible subscribers and even some elected officials who are afraid to switch to an unstable network by abandoning ADSL which is admittedly less efficient but considered more reliable. .

An Italian package that could attract the French

After offering 5G offers at reduced prices, Iliad Italia presents a new offer that includes 300 GB at €13.99, but only in 4G and without calls or SMS included. An offer that seems to please several Free users who would like to see a 100% data package land on Free Mobile, especially for certain specific uses.

When the head of Orange France is suspected of “doing Xavier Niel”

On the occasion of the launch of its new Livebox 6, Orange reconsiders its decision not to offer 5G to Sosh subscribers and affirms it: it will happen”.We will have 5G tomorrow at Sosh Deals“, says Fabienne Dulac, CEO of Orange France. Latest low-priced operator brand to not offer the new generation of mobile phone, Sosh will change this situation. However, no date has been announced and this type of announcement reminds the most mocking Freenauts of certain statements by the founder of Free…

Accountability battle to fight child pornography exposure, is it worth it?

Last Thursday, associations and child protection operators were heard in the context of protecting minors from online content. The procedure is based on a request from two associations that hope to block nine porn sites from ISPs. If the Public Ministry requests expertise to find an applicable solution from Orange and others, the latter consider that the role falls to the sites themselves. A debate that for some would not make much sense since the fight would already be lost.

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