MotoGP Austin J3 Eric Mahé: “With the problems we have we can lose Fabio Quartararo a little, but for now we haven’t lost anything”

This Austin Grand Prix, the fourth of the MotoGP season, was the third in which Fabio Quartararo undressed for the runner-up position, which, however, given the amazing appearance of this season, allows him to continue in the race for the title. Seventh in Texas, eighth in Argentina and ninth in Qatar, we understand the level of the Yamaha where special circumstances are needed to get on the podium, like in Indonesia, a stage marked by a second place in the rain. But at all times, the French World Champion must be in command, because both Morbidelli and Dovizioso show that the situation is even more desperate in the saddle of an M1 at the 2022 Grand Prix. To hold out under the rolling fire of the competition. , you need a mind of steel that Eric Mahé insisted on emphasizing. While specifying anyway that he is not ductile…

fabio quartararois a conductor that does not release less than a Mark Marquezwith which he cheered up a Grand Prix of the Americas that would have been very boring without the company of the official sling. His duel was sumptuous, but he only referred to sixth place. However, any experience is useful in MotoGP and although she is already seasoned in her role, the tricolor has still learned to Austin : « I think Márquez will be one of those who can aspire to the title, but i will do my best to be one. We will have more battles like this, but for better positions the officer said yamaha.

But reality brings him spoke of the present…” To be honest, when we’re on these kinds of tracks, we are not able to fight for the podium. Now we go to Europe. There will be better tracks for us and I will do my best to fight for the championship. I always give 100% for any place. “. And he adds: In Austin I learned a lot and I am happy because Even though I have less power, I pushed myself to the limit. So the day I have the power, I will have a much better result. “. All is to know if this future cavalry will arise from a yamaha or a motorcycle stamped with another shield. Because when asked his opinion about his M1, the World Champion withdraws: “ I’ll keep it to myself ».

Eric Mahé: « we expect you to do the best you can with what you have«

everything that happens with the yamaha stamped with the n°20 is clearly the fruit of the individual feat of a pilot who does not have the machine to match his talent. It is with this scheme that we negotiate with yamaha and that we are in talks with other brands of the French clan. ” It’s a great result! He fought to the end. We are sure that he did his best and I expected worse in crude result. I’m super happy, it’s a great job by Fabio: it’s great! » so declared Eric Mahéhis manager, at the microphone for this Canal+ at the arrival of the Grand Prix of the Americas.

Complete your statements as follows: With the problems we have we can lose Fabio a little, but for now we haven’t lost anything “And for the future, can we give a percentage chance that he will keep yamaha and another materializing the trend registering the exit? ” At the moment, there is no percentage. We evaluate, there is time, and it is still very cool: Yamaha understands and it is so. “. A fatalism that also applies to the current race for the title: ” you have to keep going race after race: you don’t count the points after four races. We expect you to do the best you can with what you have. that’s that’s all “. See you from April 22 to 24 in Portimao to find out more…

Results of the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin:

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