Nintendo Switch Sports Preview: Succession of Wii Sports seems assured on Switch

Advance Nintendo Switch Sports: Succession of Wii Sports seems assured

The next generation of Wii Sports will return on April 29, 2022 on the hybrid machine. Like its predecessor, will Nintendo Switch Sports be a must-have for your console?

True muse of your console, wii sports For years, several generations of the same family have gathered around games of bowling or golf in the living room. Even today, we find that the game has sold nearly 82 million copies hooked up to TVs in nursing homes. Almost sixteen years later and in the midst of general enthusiasm, the license is about to offer its direct sequel to the hybrid console. nintendo switch sports Will it live up to its predecessor?

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Conditions of our preview

Offline, we were able to partake in an hour-long session on Nintendo Switch Sports. Just take a look at each of the disciplines offered at game launch.

The mainstream experience we love so much

When it launches on April 29, Nintendo Switch Sports will offer six activities against the five experienced in Wii Sports: soccer, badminton, volleyball, chambara, bowling and tennis. Quite a varied menu on paper that will be expanded this fall with a further addition: The golf. The update will thankfully be free, and will refresh a bit of a show that we may have gotten through quickly. When you start your first game, there are no more Miis in the spotlight, though you can choose to swap them out for your new avatars. The embodied characters take on a more “chibi” and playful look which, frankly, we don’t dislike. Each discipline comes with a welcome tutorial that dictates what moves to do for all shots. And from the very beginning, Nintendo Switch Sports reminds us of the sweet memories of family mini-games. Challenges easily lend themselves to short sessions of joy and good humor. The handling is quite intuitive and comfortable for each sport. Before you start your game, keep in mind that it will be smarter to equip your Joy-cons with wrist straps.

If the exercises can be limited to simple gestures, they also easily lend themselves to more expert challenges. In tennis, for example, you can adjust your movement to achieve some lifts and cuts with your ball.. Along with badminton, these are the sports we think are the easiest and most fun to learn. Volleyball, more technical, is equally fun. Your skills can be tested around the world in the online game, promised to be the mainstay of this new experience.. It will therefore be about trying to enter the professional league of each discipline. The online functionality has not yet been tested by us, but it is interesting in terms of competitiveness.

New and great classics

In addition to the new disciplines that it is good to discover such as Tennis and Badminton, some classics offer some appreciable originalities: the bowling alley has, for example, optional obstacle courses. This is also the case of chambaras, these duels that arose in wii sports complex that consist of expelling the adversary from the platform based on sabers and parries. If the activity can be as pleasant as it is agile, it offers various types of accessories for good replayability : one sword, one charged sword, or two swords. Football is, ultimately, our gray area. The leg strap, a great addition for the episode, is currently only supported in penalty shootouts. Until this summer, traditional matches are only played by hand with huge balls. And despite a sprint indicator, heats, which are harder to master than other sports, currently lack dynamism and liveliness.

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our impressions

For now, Nintendo Switch Sports promises an experience that will quickly bring back fond memories of Wii Sports. While retaining some classics not without new additions, Nintendo dusts off its consumer license with welcome new features. However, the game will not show the full extent of its capabilities at launch and will have to arm itself with its summer updates to convince on its particular football.


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