Romain Grosjean, after his 2nd place at Long Beach in IndyCar: “I thought I was going to win! »

“What you earn, the pleasure of first podium with Andretti or the frustration of not having gone so far from a first win?
No frustration! On the contrary, it’s cool. The beauty of Indycar is telling yourself that the next race can do it. If I had come second (He was sixth on the grid after going off the track when he had better partials)It would have been much easier. There is still one thing in the car that I would like to improve to make it go a bit faster in my hands, but I am very happy for the whole team. (Andretti). We make a podium. after texas (Leave), we recovered points in the Championship. We have a very, very nice car in qualifying. In the race, it’s a bit more complicated. We just have to work around that.

Did you think you were that efficient before the race?
I thought I was going to win today. (Sunday) ! i met colton (Herta, her partner in Andretti) He went very quickly to the front. Unfortunately, I was a bit stuck at the beginning. I couldn’t get through. We knew the first stint would be tough because I started on old tires when everyone was on new tyres, but it worked out well in the end. I put new tires at the end and that allowed me to overtake two drivers. We had a good weekend. oliver (Boisson, his engineer) I’ll work on the car to get him to give me this last little thing that bothers me and if we can get it done that’ll be great.

What is that thing” ?
It is one of the only things you can change in the car. The shock absorbers. I have a little trouble feeling the front end and I don’t like the understeer at all. We tried different options. It’s not always easy to find the best, but I think we have a good idea of ​​what to do.

“There was a bout of mental illness this weekend. I think the last time I saw that much rubber on a track was in a go-kart in 2002! »

5th at St-Pete, 2nd at Long Beach, you like street circuits!
It changes all the time, it evolves. You have to know how to play with him, know how to take risks at certain times, rather be safe at others. Also, Long Beach is beautiful. There is a great atmosphere, people love it. There was a mentally ill grip this weekend. I think the last time I saw that much rubber on a track was in a go-kart in 2002!

Next step, Barber, the first road circuit of the season (May 1)…
We tested the car last Monday there. We have made good progress. In the afternoon we had the best time in conditions that are quite representative of what we are going to have at the beginning of May. We will keep pushing and see where we are at the end.

Still a few weeks before Indianapolis. What ambition can you have for your first 500 miles?
The desire to be in the finish, in one piece, and if possible not too far from the Top 5 to score points! Indianapolis is a race where everything must go well during the day. Then it counts double so you have to be high. But surely if one day I could hang it on my resume, it would be fine. »

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