The event is incredible. Fossilized dinosaur found that died at the time of the asteroid impact

This would be direct evidence that would validate the famous theory and decades of hard work by scientists regarding the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists never expected to find a direct witness to the asteroid’s impact.

A perfectly preserved dinosaur leg reportedly discovered in North Dakota a doomsday relic for avian dinosaurs. In which a huge asteroid crashed into Earth, ending its era. The fossil of thescelosaurus, a small herbivore, was found next to an 11-kilometre-wide fragment of the space rock that is believed to have killed it.

The fossil that ignites passions, a possible witness who died during the impact of the asteroid responsible for the extinction of avian dinosaurs – Credits: BBC

If the news has everyone jumping all over the place, we have to refrain from judging. not fully tested yet for all the experts that the Dinosaur really died on that fateful day, 66 million years ago. But everything seems to fit together like a puzzle with all the pieces now available.

The Tanis Excavation Site in North Dakota

This site where the fossil was exhumed would be absolutely exceptional. To a point that is difficult to formulate.

“We have so many details with this site that tell us what happened at each moment, It’s almost like watching a movie unfold.. You look at the column of rock, you look at the fossils there, and it takes you back to that day.”

Robert DePalma, a Manchester University graduate student who led the excavations.

“The temporal resolution that we can achieve in this site exceeds our wildest dreams… It really shouldn’t exist and it’s absolutely beautiful. I never dreamed in my entire career that I could see something a) so limited in time; and b) so beautiful, and also tells such a wonderful story. »

Phillip Manning, professor of natural history at the University of Manchester.

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Manning said that the team had also discovered the remains of fish that had breathed in the debris from the impact of the asteroid, which occurred 3,000 km away in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dinosaurs: The Last Day, a BBC documentary

All of this should provide the first physical evidence that the dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid impact at the end of the Cretaceous.

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The Tanis dig site is the focus of a BBC documentary, Dinosaurs: The Final Day with Sir David Attenborough. Very few dinosaur remains have been found in rocks, even thousands of years before the impact. So discovering a fossil from the same day of destruction would be extraordinary. The famous narrator and presenter of the documentary introduces the fossil, as ” an impossible fossil. »

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Source : living science

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