Christian Clavier FINALLY breaks the silence and speaks

Ary Abittan is swimming in the middle of a nightmare. More than ever, he needs his old comrades like Christian Keyboard ! What do you think?

Ary Abittan, alone against everyone?

During confinement, a handful of shoots were produced. This is particularly the case for What the hell have we all done? If the actors of the third part of this series could have known about the disasters in advance, they would surely have refused to participate in them. First, a tragic car accident claims the lives of three stagehands. Then, due to health restrictions, the production changes the release date. Furious, the fans saturate and begin to find the long time. no contest, the Ary Abittan affair was the straw that broke the camel’s back what does overflow the vase already filled to the brim. Aware of being against the wall, Christian Clavier has finally agreed to give his opinion. He used to hide behind the humor or the script of the film so as not to have to answer the questions of the curious. But this time he knows that we are waiting for him around the corner!

And there, for Ary Abittan, is the drama

At the end of 2021, everything seems to smile at Ary Abittan. Happy to launch the start of his tour of France, the video above creates a stir. baptized Reallyaccount the behind the scenes of its colorful existence. Between the divorce with the mother of her three daughters and the education of the last one, she has a lot of work ahead of her. Convinced that these types of topics attract his followers, he will dilute the content of his program a bit. Fortunately, his new mistress Sarah-Line helps him through the difficulties. Unfortunately, while he was resting from a well-accompanied evening, the police arrive and knock down everything in his path.

Even if Ary Abittan hasn’t spoken since police custody, his audience knows he’s come a long way. Astonished, his few followers try to find the words to describe his psychological anguish. He has ” He waited so long for success that he no longer wanted the cowardR”. In addition to revealing in broad daylight that he had an unofficial affair with a very young woman, his age difference from her shocks public opinion! A quarter of a century separates them.

Oh… itchy!

Inside Film TV Magazine, finally we have news of the companions of Ary Abittan. And the journalists did not choose anyone! The reputation of the former member of the legendary company Splendid is well established. In addition, his participation in this project gives him baume to the heart. Also, this is not the first time he has given the answer to Gad Elmaleh’s BFF. Looking serious, he temporarily removes his clown costume. He claims that he ” We have to think about the victims and respect the presumption of innocence, that is fundamental. » Reformulating the recent declarations of the director Claude Lelouch, he persists and signs. united the team will comply with the court’s decision. » Don’t count on him to deliver juicy details about ” people’s privacy“. No one should have to poke around in it!

As far as the director of tribology is concerned, he does not go with the back of the spoon. Because of a story more or less similar to that of Ary Abittan, a leading actor is in crisis. A few years ago, the director of the series house of cards Kevin Spacey had been fired, then simply removed from the sequences. For the fans it is a tragedy, because for the scenes where it was impossible, the production uses doubles.

For Philippe de Chauveron, there is no doubt. He claims thatno cuts during assembly”. Visibly in touch with Ary Abittan, he specifies that the actor has voluntarily “withdrawn from public life to prepare his defense“. Deprived of promotional appointments by his lawyers, we hope that soon we will know the truth in this extraordinary case. Continue in the next episode…

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