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The new season 12 of “Clem”, marked by the return of Jérôme, ends tonight on TF1. Despite the sharp decline in audience, will the series starring Lucie Lucas, Agustín Galiana and Thomas Chomel be entitled to a 13th season next year?

After just three weeks of airing, TF1 viewers will discover tonight the final two episodes of season 12 of Clem who will see that things get complicated for valentin (Thomas Chomel), victim of Iris’s revenge (Helena Nowar), and for the Clem-Mathieu couple, who may well not survive the ordeal they are going through. Unless …

And if fans can’t wait to find out what season finale the writers have in store lucia lucas, Agustin Galianaand their fellow gamers, are also eager to find out if their favorite series will return next year for new episodes.

Unfortunately for them, Clem’s fate is still unresolved. Contacted by us, the channel replied that it had no information to communicate at the moment about the rest of the series. And the order, or not, of a season 13.

Everything suggests that, like so many times, TF1 is waiting for the audience report for the six episodes of season 12 to make a firm and definitive decision. A logical observation, but not a reassuring one when you know that Clem’s audiences have dropped dramatically this year.

Ch. Lartige/TF1/Merlin

A season 12 low in housewives

After a disappointing season 10 in 2020 with only 2.81 million average viewers in waiting audience during its six episodes, for a market share of 13.2% in individuals four years and older, and 21.5% in the target of Women Responsible for Purchasing under 50 years of age. (FRDA-50), the series led by Lucie Lucas gained momentum last year.

In fact, season 11 managed to gather an average of 3.45 million followers in the spring of 2021 and offer a good audience share of 24.8% to TF1 in the privileged target of FRDA-50, previously called “housewives”. home under 50 years of age. But the rally was short-lived.

On Monday, March 28, season 12 of Clem kicked off in front of just 2.41 million fans (12.7% of the public and 21.1% of the FRDA-50). And last week, the TF1 series finished behind The island of 30 coffins on France 2 and Married at First Sight on M6, which brought in 2.40 million viewers, for an audience share of just 18.4% among female purchasing managers under 50.

A low score on this indicator for a channel like TF1, which recently ended several long series like Alicia Nevers Where profiling because they had fallen below the 20% mark.

However, the channel congratulated itself on social networks for the “success” of the first episodes of season 12 in consolidated audience on D+7, since the 1st episode of March 28 got 765,000 viewers in one week, while that the second, “The guest surprise”, managed to climb to 27% audience share of the commercial target.

Will this powerful replay, and still strong scores in the young audience, allow Clem to return for a 13th season? Or will the series end after twelve years of existence?

In any case, we can hope that in the event of cancellation, TF1 will deliver a real ending to the series, in the form of a final TV movie, as is the case with Research Section. Because the final episode of season 12, airing tonight, is by no means a satisfying conclusion to a series that has been going on for so many years.

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