Dutronc father and son ready to attend their general tour

published on Monday, April 11, 2022 at 7:05 p.m.

The father, the son and the caustic Holy Spirit: Jacques and Thomas Dutronc begin their first joint tour this week, with, among the successes, “The opportunist”, still in force between two presidential returns.

The couple are also not being asked to play on this political calendar for their press conference in Courbevoie on Monday, the eve of their first date in this city in the Paris region on Tuesday.

At the entrance to the room where they perform, “Vote Dutronc & Dutronc” flags are handed out to the journalists and on a screen behind them the slogan “For the increase in the taste of life” appears while they perform “L’opportuniste”, one of the two titles as an appetizer before a small game of questions and answers.

Jacques Dutronc, 78, enters the scene wearing cowboy boots on slippers, Ray-Ban on his nose and a cigar in his hand. He’s in great shape, his voice on track for a tonic rereading of his titles. His repertoire is reorchestrated rock (which breathes new life into “Et moi, et moi, et moi”, the other interpreted title) under the direction of Thomas, on guitar, surrounded by five musicians.

Once the two tracks have been played, they answer the press in their half-bar, half-recording studio from the stage, looking down at the reporters sitting across from them. It is a brand and a family tradition, the interview will be disjointed and collegial.

– ‘Caught in flagrante delicto’ –

Like when Thomas lets it slip that he met “some kind of drunk guy” before who told him “hey, I’m going to do + The Opportunist + and I’ll ask you for a little piece”. “I see it as a good sign,” laughs Dutronc junior, 48.

Asked about the qualities they recognize in the other, Jacques replies: “I have seen so many friends who had poisons for children, I was lucky.” Before developing: “Thomas is a hard worker, which is a quality, except maybe in Corsica, with me, that’s average.”

The “Cactus” singer revels in the role of the sloth expert holed up in his Corsican lair, surrounded by his cats and friends, until his son comes to pick him up for this XXL tour. The series of shows soberly named “Dutronc & Dutronc” passes, after Courbevoie, for two nights at the Casino de Paris, then at festivals and finally at big venues in France, Belgium and Switzerland until the end of the year.

The somewhat grumpy cossard costume his father wears makes Thomas laugh. “I took a picture of myself after a rehearsal and I caught you in the act, you smile and you’re happy to be there,” his son slides affectionately, “very happy” with this tour.

– “But not mom” –

One of the rare other moments in which the two men are serious is in evoking the one who is missing from the Courbevoie painting, but who is so present, Françoise Hardy (treated for pharyngeal cancer, no longer appears in public), mother of Thomas. “It’s a bit for her that I’m here, she tells me that makes Thomas so happy,” says Jacques.

“My mother is worried, she tells me + but is it going to be very jazzy like on your last tour? +, + But not mom, she explodes, what’s up +, I answer”, Thomas displays.

His breeder will still put the correct words in parentheses, explaining why he doesn’t play guitar on this tour: One of his cats dropped him in Corsica and he kept a sunken cheekbone mark and difficulty regaining maneuverability of one hand.

But hunt the natural, gallop back. Like when we asked them if this tour will lead to a Dutronc father and son album. There, it’s Thomas who replies mischievously: “We have a lot of projects going on, but, shhh, my father may not be aware of everything (laughs).”

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